St. Anthony legend Hurley endorses Freeholder Romano for Hoboken mayor


St. Anthony High School basketball coaching legend Bob Hurley has endorsed Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) for Hoboken mayor.

“Anthony Romano has been a friend of mine for a very long time, I know him through law enforcement, I know his commitment to the town of Hoboken, I know how much he cares about the residents and how interested he is about what the youth are gonna be doing in town,” Hurley said in a video produced by the Romano campaign.

“So those things, I think, are tremendously important, and as a resident of Hoboken, I would be very comfortable in leaving him in charge of everything that’s going on … The future would be very bright with Anthony Romano leading Hoboken.”

Romano was of course happy to accept Hurley’s support, noting his notoriety and his willingness to help improve Hoboken’s recreation programs.

“Anybody growing up in Hudson County knows Coach Hurley: ESPY award winner, humanitarian of the year, hall of fame … it just speaks volumes of what the man is,” Romano said in the same video.

“Coach Hurley will be part of our recreation advisory to make sure that Hoboken has the best recreation program around.”

Hurley currently lives in Jersey City and is retired after St. Anthony High School closed earlier this year.

The Hoboken municipal elections are on November 7th, where Romano squares off with five opponents in the mayoral contest.