St. Anthony High School legend Hurley receives ESPY for Coach of the Year


Legendary St. Anthony High School basketball coach Bob Hurley, Sr. received the prestigious ESPY award for Coach of the Year last night.

“It’s really, it’s really a great honor to be here getting an award along aside all of these iconic athletes. But even more specifically, it’s a great honor to be representing all the great coaches we have in the high school ranks,” Hurley said during his acceptance speech.

“Because every athlete in the room, every athlete that has come up on the stage tonight, no matter what sport they play, every one of them had a coach in high school, junior college, or maybe even before that, who played a critical role in their development as an athlete. And it’s the whole person part I’ve always taken pride in.”

Hurley was one of dozens honored at the 25th annual ESPY awards, which stands for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly, in Los Angeles, California.

Back in April, St. Anthony High School, a perennial basketball powerhouse, announced they would be closing their doors for good at the conclusion of the school year due to decreasing enrollment and increasing costs.

During his 45-year run, Hurley won 28 state championships and four national titles.

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