Sources: West New York teacher suspended after being arrested on fraud charges


A West New York teacher was recently arrested on fraud charges and has subsequently been suspended from his job, according to multiple sources within the school district. 

Facebook photo.
Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Cesar Sabino, a physical education teacher at Schools No. 1 and Albio Sires Elementary School, was arrested “about a week ago” and, as a result, was almost immediately suspended by the West New York Board of Education, sources told Hudson County View.

Additional details remain scarce, as the West New York Police Department said they were not involved with the arrest, while inquires to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney General’s Office were not immediately returned.

Furthermore, Superintendent of Schools Clara Brito Herrera could not be reached on her cell phone and Sabino did not respond to multiple inquires seeking comment.

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  1. If law enforcement is smart they will sit Mr Sabino down and have a conversation with him about his affiliations with politicians in West New York, especially former Mayor Sal Vega. Let’s not forget Savino was his driver, assistant, and maybe confidant for a long time. I wonder what he is capable of telling, and testifying to, if given a deal.

  2. I understand he is suspended , but is it with or without pay ? The Wny police are not involved so this case could drag on for a long time . It’s a shame that an individual with no scruples is in the school system teaching our children.

  3. Or worse then being the mayor and being indicted not once but twice;

    Or worse than being charged for cashing other employees checks;

    Or worse then owing the town fines and never paying for them;

    Or worse than dismantling the DARE program and answering to no one about it;

    Or worse than covering up all the bull$hit in city hall like the current powers that be do;

    Or worse than the bogus raises being given out to dead beat employees;

    Or worse than replacing the health officer with diaz’ wife;

    Or worse than the policeman who ran searches on people without authorization with no repercussions;

    Or worse than the Board of Education Freak Show that’s happening day in and day out?

    The list goes on and on. So please people, stop acting shocked. If this guy ran with roque tomorrow, most of the fools from WNY would vote for him.

  4. If Mr. Sabino is Guilty and or Pleads. Mr Sabino must not be reward with his Pension. He must not be allowed to collect it! Its the Law if any wrong doing. No Deals for that! But we be lucky if he doesn’t get a Raise instead.. This is West NY.

  5. Is it a political game or set up?, who knows what are those politician capable of doing “even try to destroy the career of a young teacher who has risen from a poor minority family thru hard sacrifice, efforts and dedication, to become a mentor to under privileged kids. Good luck Cesar and I hope your name will soon be cleared of all charges.