Sources: Ramos slated to succeed Giattino as Hoboken council president


Hoboken 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos is poised to succeed 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino as the city council president at tomorrow’s reorganization meeting, sources said.

Ruben Ramos

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Ramos, a former councilman-at-large who has also served in the state Assembly, won the 4th Ward council seat in November 2015 in definitive fashion.

He is one of the longest standing opponents of now former Mayor Dawn Zimmer and is likely to cause her successor, Ravi Bhalla, a fair share of headaches.

Ramos challenged Zimmer in the 2013 mayoral contest but came up short. In November’s hotly contested mayoral race, he supported 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, who was bested by Bhalla by about 500 votes.

Giattino, who defeated ex-Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia in the 2015 council race for the 6th Ward seat, ran with the support of Zimmer.

However, she quickly fell out of favor with the administration when she announced she’d be running for mayor this summer.

While she finished in a distant fourth place, bad blood continues to linger between the new mayor and his former friend – who feels she was unfairly bloodied and beaten in the quest for the mayor’s throne.

A three-time council president who just served two consecutive terms, Giattino’s chief allies during her campaign were 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham.

In all likelihood, Ramos will have at least seven votes secured on the way to a 2018 council presidency, with the only question mark being whether or not Bhalla running mates James Doyle and Emily Jabbour decide to go with the flow.

Hoboken Horse, a Mile Square City-centric blog, made mention of Ramos assuming the role of council president yesterday.

Additionally, Giattino is expected to the assume the role of vice president, though the position has been little more than a ceremonial post in recent years.

Hardcore Hoboken politicos will be watching tomorrow’s council meeting with bated breath, as appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment and North Hudson Sewerage Authority will be decided by the governing body.

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  1. If MSV and HCV reported this; then it’s true. Always lots of inaccurate information in Hoboken.

    Hey, if Ravi cuts a deal with the Russo Crime Family, how is that reform?
    Obviously Ravi and Russo are bird of a feather.

    • Please stop trying to ride the credibility of others Roman. John is a good guy who writes well, tries his best to do real journalism, usually gets his stories right, and makes corrections when he gets something wrong. You on the other hand are a lunatic partisan shill who writess incoherent screeds filled with a mixture of insanity and lies.

      That’s why John’s traffic is booming while you’re not even on the radar. It’s nice that John gave you a shout out that you almost certainly asked for – John’s a good guy trying to help out a guy who once helped him.

      But your credibility, and your traffic – which to be truthful was never all that much – are gone forever. Reality is tough sometimes – retreating into our fantasies can some times feel better – but your fantasy world seems like an unhappy place. Try out the real world for a bit. It can’t be worse than where you are now.

      • No one is crying except Nancy who is caught telling bigger whoppers every other day at her cave. When she gets caught and others laugh pointing it out she curses the out and calls them are crybabies. It’s like dealing with a four year old with a potty mouth.

        • said the man who can only get comments on his blog if he makes them himself. ps. we live in an urban area. if you can’t handle cursing go back to the sticks.

          • Oh so we live amongst some less than ladylike foul-mouthed liars in Hoboken. Nancy teaches us something about herself we already knew.

            Today she can cry that no one listened to her on council selections. So sad Nancy’s five commenters with multiple screen names failed to be heeded. Go on Nancy and CryNancyCry and LieNancyLie. Stick to those bad things you’re best at and one day you’ll be a good a political operative for Ravi.

          • No one confuses your gutter behavior with anything ladylike Nancy. Doesn’t anyone tell you how disgraceful you are or is the list that long of people who won’t talk to you?

            Go back to the cave and complain how you didn’t get any goodies at the council meeting. Boo friggin hoo.

            What a crybaby.

  2. After all the to do about our water contract during the election, the City Council rewards Tony Soares and Ruben Ramos, who voted for the disastrous contract extension in 2001, with responsible jobs.

    I haven’t heard either one accept any responsibility. Instead all we have heard are lies from Soares and evasions from Ramos.

    With the election over, will these men finally own up to their roles in the disastrous contract? Will Ramos, having been complicit in creating the problem in 2001 be part of the solution in 2018?

    Or will Hoboken taxpayers keep paying the price for their mistakes while they laugh all the way to the bank with their new stipends?

    • What lies from Soares?
      Are you looking for a libel suit too?
      Why was Dave Roberts on Bhalla transition team – he voted for the Suez amnendment
      For the record , Soares and Ramos never voted for the SUEZ contract
      Zimmer is a half- truth finger pointer who along with her husband suspiciously aborted plans for a third term on the launch pad.
      That’s usually because of legal issues or deals to drop lawsuits or investigations
      Dawn and Stan should tell us why they lied to supporters and contributors
      Give back the money Dawn!

      • Soares and Ramos voted for the 2001 amendment/extension which is the source of the problems.

        Saying they didn’t is a lie. The City needs to fix the mess Ramos and Soares helped cause. Stop lying and be part of the solution.