Sampson: ‘I respectfully request the Waterfront Commission to reconsider its decision’


Bayonne Assemblyman William Sampson is asking the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor to reconsider their decision last week that denied his request to be retained on the longshoremen’s register.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Sampson noted that prior to running for the Assembly seat in the 31st Legislative District last year, he asked and received the approval of Global Container Terminal, where he worked as a crane operator, and the International Longshoremen’s Association – the union he’s a member of.

“I consistently enjoyed the support of both Global Container Terminals and the ILA. At no point did either Global or the ILA request that I reduce my obligations to the State Legislature or to the community,” Sampson explained in a statement this afternoon.

“I am disappointed that the Waterfront Commission took this action. Respectfully, we have asked the Waterfront Commission to revisit this issue, which to my understanding, it is now so doing. I have respect for the rule of law, for the responsibilities of the Waterfront Commission, and for my employers. I take my responsibilities seriously.”

On December 21st, the commission unanimously voted to deny Sampson’s request to remain in the longshoremen’s register, citing excessive absences.

“Sampson had been employed as a port worker at GCT Bayonne. He claimed that his attendance at particular meetings or events in his capacity as a New Jersey State Assemblyman was ‘good cause’ for his absences,” the commission said at the time.

They ruled against his argument, claiming that he never provided reasons for not working in February or on Saturdays, nor did he adequately explain why his attendance at certain political functions was mandatory.

Sampson said on Tuesday that he planned to appeal the decision and he concluded by asking the commission for further consideration.

“I respectfully request the Waterfront Commission to reconsider its decision. Thank you.”

HCV reached out to the WCNYH through their website for comment this afternoon.

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  1. The Commission made the right decision. Apparently it looks like there was a conflict and dereliction of duty of primary paid position. If anyone did this regardless of position, title or additional responsibilities they would have been either terminated, asked to take a leave of absence, or resign. No show jobs no longer exist in most places………Can’t wait until they are completely eliminated. Kudos to the commission for doing the right thing!!!

  2. 2022 certainly has been a year for Elected Officials Behaving Badly. Does anyone work “full time” anymore? Or is there a new definition of “part time” that is “no time”? You get the government you deserve, and this reflects badly on the individuals and organizations who selected him. Hey, Bayonne, is this the best you can do?

  3. Eric,
    Unfortunately in BAYONNE and The county, in most leadership cases, skill set doesn’t matter. As long as you’re a yes person for the administration. And as you know Hudson County is one of several counties where the” so called machine“ sets everything in motion for the betterment of themselves and not the people” in my opinion. People need to start coming out to vote so we can stop the nepotism and…. you wash my back and I’ll wash yours games. It is very sad. In my opinion that’s not the best Bayonne can do. We just need to vote in the right people, at the right time so that government does the right thing for the people not for their personal gains.

  4. When he became a longshoreman he along with every other longshoreman know you have to be available for work for a certain amount of days each month. It’s the rule that every longshoreman understands clearly
    Him not making his days for a second job whether it’s to clean dog shit or serve as a state legislature is not good cause for an excuse. He should not be treated any different to any other longshoreman that lost their job for failing to meet these rules. Not even politicians are above the system