Sacco wants ’eminently qualified’ Suarez as Hudson County prosecutor


Shortly after the news broke that Republican Gov. Chris Christie has nominated Passaic County Judge Esther Suarez as Hudson County prosecutor, North Bergen Mayor/state Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) has thrown his support behind the “eminently qualified” choice for the job.

Nick Sacco

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am proud to support Esther Suarez’s nomination to become the next Hudson County prosecutor because she is not only eminently qualified, but also because her confirmation will be a historic moment as she will become both the first woman and the first person of Hispanic heritage to serve in the position,” Sacco said in a statement.

“Esther is a Hudson County native and a Superior Court Judge with an impeccable record and unimpeachable integrity. She will bring a strong background of legal experience to the office and will ably represent the diversity that makes Hudson County great.”

Christie nominated Suarez, listed as a Secaucus resident, to the position on Monday and the nomination must now be approved by the state Senate.

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  1. Well who else? Julio Morejon? Thanks to Chan.12 News Julio’s legal billing is currently under investigation by HUD’s Inspector General, that looks real good on his resume.