Retired Union City police chief gets $119k job at Hudson County Sheriff’s Office


Former Union City Police Chief Nichelle Luster, who retired on August 1st of last year, started a new $118,817, job at the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office this month.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

HCSO spokesman Nick Bond confirmed that Luster had been hired as their training director at the aforementioned salary, citing her 28 years of law enforcement experience that included eight years as  the professional standards captain commander for 8 years.

“This is a new position which is needed due to many factors including legislation that was signed into law on July 21, 2022, establishing the requirement for police licensure. With this taking effect on or about January 2024, her active law enforcement experience and background will be instrumental to the smooth transition of the hiring and licensing of qualified law enforcement officers,” Bond said in an email.

“Law enforcement officers must complete an ongoing series of training required both by the Attorney General and the Police Training Commission and Director Luster will be spearheading the implementation and continued compliance of the Police Licensure Law.”

The new six-figure gig, which she started two weeks ago, will be on top of her $12,366.20 monthly pension, which equates to $148,034.40 a year, according to public records.

Luster was the first female police chief in Hudson County history after being promoted back in December 2018.

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  1. Congratulations to one of the most professional law enforcement person that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Good luck stay safe & thank you.

    • Is this asset worth $290,000 a year? The machine Democrats love being generous, as long as it’s with other people’s money. Your money. My money. See what happens when there’s no Republican Party?

  2. This brand of “double-dipping” is common among former New Jersey public employees and not illegal, because the employees are not going to work in the same position; and specifically in these cases, police officers have gone back to work in civilian positions so they can keep collecting their pensions.

    Hudson County Board of Commissioners member Anthony Romano is a “triple-dipper,” taking advantage of holding down two taxpayer-funded jobs — as District 5 commissioner and part-time public safety advisor for Hoboken — while collecting his $122,000 annual pension as a retired Hoboken police officer.

  3. How are we paying cops this kind of taxpayer money??? She “retires” to a $150k pension, then “un-retires” to get ANOTHER $120k job??? FOR WHAT??? Who else gets this kind of pension??? Hell, who even gets a pension anymore? What a complete rip-off of taxpayer money! There’s NO WAY a cop deserves this kind of pension…