Progressive Democrats of N.J. backing Ocampo Grajales in 8th District congressional race


The Progressive Democrats of New Jersey is backing David Ocampo Grajales in the 8th District congressional race, since “his campaign is championing essential causes to this community.”

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

We are very excited to be endorsing David Ocampo for the congressional seat in the 8th district. His campaign is championing essential causes to this community including affordable housing and expanding public transportation,” PDNJ Executive Director Nicholas Wolferman said in a statement.

In an election riddled with nepotism, cronyism, and insider politics, we are very excited to be endorsing David while he boldly stands up for a fair democratic process.”

PDNJ is a grassroots organization dedicated to electing progressive candidates and pushing for political reform on behalf of the people of New Jersey.

“PDNJ has been building the groundwork for the progressive movement in New Jersey and I’m proud to have their support,” noted  Ocampo Grajales.

” … New Jersey is far more progressive than our moderate elected officials would suggest. Change will come when working class people come together to demand better. I look forward to partnering with PDNJ in the fight to make sure we build a New Jersey that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Not only in this election, but in the years to come.”

Both his campaign and PDNJ agree that with the Supreme Court set to abolish Roe vs. Wade, it has never been more important to elect progressive champions who will fight tooth and nail for their communities and the environment.

Ocampo Grajales is on the June 7th primary ballot against Rob Menendez, the front runner in the contest, and Ane Roseborough-Eberhard.

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