Presinzano Civic Foundation awards $2,500 to graduating Hoboken High School seniors


The Presinzano Civic Foundation awarded $2,500 to graduating Hoboken High School seniors earlier this month as part of their scholarship program.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We are a newly created 501(c)(3) organization focusing on youth and seniors of Hoboken. Helping students with scholarships as they pursue their goals of higher education is just one of many ways we hope invest in our neighbors and community,” Paul Presinzano, the CEO of the foundation, said in a statement.

“This decision was a win-win for the students and our mission; we also want to thank the Hoboken High School administration for their help in making this a success.”

To qualify, students needed to maintain a certain GPA, write a 250-word essay about “What Hoboken means to them,” and their plans to continue their education.

The Presinzano Civic Foundation board originally planned to award $2,000 in scholarships, but decided to increase that number based on the number of applications received. As a result, five students each received $500 scholarships.

If you would like to get involved, give your time, and/or make a donation, you can send an email to or find more information on their website.

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  1. Nice gesture but to put out a press release when you are one of about 50 other scholarships that are awarded for high schoolers graduating in Hoboken makes it all about Paul.

    Paul doesn’t care about Hoboken. He is trying to buy popularity for himself.

    Good for who ever took this sad man’s money.

  2. Excited for the next press release from the presinzano buying votes association:

    “Paul woke up this morning, tweeted about how much he hates Hoboken, and then wandered around the city taking pictures like a creep.”

    John is there a reason why you run an article about this loser and not the 45 other families and organizations who present scholarships to students? Some even larger than paulie.

    • So much hate for a person who just donated his own money to help high school students? What have you done except being a troll? It’s a sad existence if you have to retort to being an anonymous keyboard warrior spewing hate. Use this time instead to find a constructive way to help the youth in this community

  3. Is this the guy who made lots of noise opposing the high school plan? Scholarship and PR push are a good move for laying the groundwork for that BoE run (or is it city council?)

      • They tried to foist an insane school tax to erect some monument to themselves, not kids.

        They got thumped. They must be scared of this gentleman and his family staying involved. Pretty ugly stuff from the Ravibots/operatives.

        • Have we received any updates on the school plan? Yes, we made noise — but was anyone listening? As for the “bots” — what an awful way to make a living…..

      • @Trump I’m one of those people. My question was is he the guy who was rallying people, started the Facebook page, etc.? Looks like a pre-campaign PR effort to me.

        • One of many, based on everyone involved, I don’t think any one person could take credit. If he ends up running for Council again, it would be a benefit to the town.

  4. Great work work, Paul. Coaches never stop coaching. Nice to see you serving others and contributing locally. Looking forward to see who else you can help.

  5. If Defusco drops out as some have speculated, it would clear a path for a First Ward City Council seat run.
    Then it would be interesting to see who Bhalla picks to run or the seat.

    • Bhalla has to win Ward 1, since Cohen’s getting kicked out of Ward 5 either through recall or regular election, without that flip Ward seat the Mayor would be a lame duck. If Phils out and Pauls in then we may as well not even have a Mayor.

      • LOL RE: Cohen. Keep dreaming, that “recall” went nowhere and Phil’s in fine shape to get re-elected. Try listening to actual people in the ward instead of the loopy voices in your head.

  6. Lots of politicians and former elected gave this year. We should thank them all.
    Paul gave $2500, that’s a lot of money

    Where’s the council’s donations?

  7. The truly odious behavior did not begin, or the public was not made aware of it, until after the School Board and At Large elections. What if Mr. Presinzano, or some other at large candidate, had taken a council seat? What if the school plan had been shared in September, allowing other candidates to emerge? What if potential rivals, or voices of dissent, were not given perks and patronage jobs?

  8. There once was man from Hoboken
    Said BOE sucks I am not joking
    With three seats up in November
    We need to remember
    To vote out Dallara, Simons, and De La Torre
    Their lies grow like the beard on Action Bronson
    They never question Christine Johnson
    Said enrollment is rising
    It isn’t surprising
    That they fail to mention decreasing HS enrollment
    Dallara is friends with Jabbour
    Who will tax you until you are poor
    HS Sports Complex and Municipal Palace.
    A rap sheet longer than my phallus.
    Lack of transparency it’s the same story.
    In November vote out Dallara, Simons, and De La Torre.