Poll: Did you believe there was a legitimate chance of an NJ Transit strike?


An NJ Transit strike that would have left roughly 105,000 scrambling for an alternate option to commute into New York City was averted in the 11th hour on Friday evening.

Photo via Hobokennj.org.

New Jersey Transit reached a tentative agreement with the rail workers less than a day before the strike would have commenced, which many predicted could have made the morning and evening rush hours nearly impossible, per The New York Times.

The 4,200 rail workers had a legitimate reason to be upset, given that they had not had a new contract since 2011.

While the particulars of the contract are currently being kept under wraps, The New York Times also reported that Gov. Chris Christie (R) revealed at a press conference that the labor contract would last through the end of 2019.

Hudson officials in Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, among other municipalities, had warned residents of the serious setbacks a strike would cause and to therefore get a contingency plan ready.

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