Police: Two Hoboken men arrested for four recent package thefts over the past month


Two Hoboken men were arrested for four recent package thefts over the past month or so after police conducted a surveillance on 6th Street last night.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Alexis Rivera, 42, of Hoboken was charged with trespassing, drug paraphernalia, burglar tools, conspiracy, and four outstanding burglary warrants out of Hoboken for package thefts, according to Police Det. Sgt. Jonathan Mecka.

Peter Perez, 42, of Hoboken, faces the same charges, with the exception of two outstanding burglary warrants out of Hoboken for package theft instead of two.

Yesterday at approximately 5 p.m. the Hoboken Police Department Investigation bureau was conducting surveillance in the area of 6th and Harrison Streets. This was based on the potential whereabouts of two wanted burglars, Rivera and Perez.

During that time, detectives were able to view the two males in the area of 655 6th St. Knowing that they both had active arrest warrants stemming from a burglary spree during the month of December, Dets. Fabian Quinones, Connor Milne, and Ryan Houghton converged on them.

Upon approaching them they compiled with the detectives orders and they were safely placed under arrest. During search incident to arrest the detectives discovered burglar tools and drug paraphernalia.

Based on the investigation, it was determined that these two individuals worked together to commit these crimes therefore they were charged with conspiracy to commit burglary.

All charges were placed on warrants for both men before they were were transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility, authorities said.

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  1. Can we just execute this guy already?

    So he was wanted for a burglary spree in December and he was caught in 2019 his FOURTEENTH arrest for burglary in the past 12 months!

    Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Idiot Liberals. $241M sports comlex? Vote for Ravi!

  2. Alexis was arrested 14 times for theft in Hoboken and JC in 2017 alone.

    But I’m sure one of these arrests will help him turn the corner, and I bet he won’t do it again. /sarcasm