Police: Lodi man arrested for stabbing during street fight outside Hoboken McDonald’s


A Lodi man was arrested for stabbing someone during street fight at the Hoboken McDonald’s on Washington Street last night, police said.

Kasaun Patterson. Photo courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Yesterday at approximately 6:30 p.m., Sgts. Jason Falco, Edward Sellick, and Dennis Figueroa Jr., along with Dets. Fabian Quinones, Connor Milne, and Ryan Houghton, and Police Officers Paul Quinn, Mark Mooreman, Nicholas Losurdo, Christopher Soto,
and Ramon Estrella responded to McDonalds, located 234 Washington St., on reports of a street fight involving up to 10 people, which resulted in a stabbing.

While some responding officers attended to the victim, others conducted an on-scene investigation which revealed a man, later identified as Kasaun Patterson, 42, of Lodi, stabbed another man during a fight outside, and fled the scene.

While the investigation was underway, Patterson was observed near the scene and was arrested. He attempted to resist arrest by stiffening his body.

A search incident to arrest located a folding knife in Patterson’s jacket pocket.

Patterson was transported to the Hoboken Police Department and charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, unlawful possession of a weapon, and resisting arrest.

He was processed and transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries to his wrist and sternum.

“I’d like to express my appreciation for the members of our department who responded quickly to this incident,” Hoboken Police Chief Steven Aguiar said in a statement.

“Their hard work, swift actions, courage and dedication resulted in an immediate arrest, and serves as evidence of their commitment to keeping the community safe.”

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  1. Hey 8th District!
    Look what Ravi can do for your town
    More crime More division More Taxes
    More contracts for him and his Hoboken goons

    • Yeah, Ravi is a true blue, Democrat Regressive.

      But hey, think about this Patterson fellow. If he only had performed his act across the water. Celebrated as a diversity winner who is oppressed, he’d be released on zero bail.

      That’s how the Soros Cabal works hand in hand to undermine America. If you look to history, there’s always been a partnership between communists and criminals. They are the same breed.

    • How, exactly, is the mayor at fault for a guy coming from Lodi and stabbing someone? What role, specifically, did the mayor play in the incident?