Police: Jersey City man pepper sprayed after resisting arrest at Bayonne Medical Center


A Jersey City man was pepper sprayed by authorities after refusing to leave the Bayonne Medical Center and ultimately resisting arrest, police said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Corbin Beckles, 43, of Jersey City, was charged with resisting arrest and defiant trespass, according to Police Lt. Eric Amato.

Beckles was taken into custody at the Bayonne Medical Center around 3:43 a.m. on Thursday. Officers responded there on a report of a male refusing to leave.

Upon arrival, the officers encountered Beckles seated in the Emergency Department waiting room while stating that he was not leaving the medical center, officials said.

Officers were advised by hospital staff that Beckles was no longer a patient and needed to vacate the building. Officers repeatedly advised Beckles of this and ordered Beckles to remove himself from the building, police said.

As an officer attempted to hold Beckles’ arm to guide him out of the hospital, he resisted and tightened his body while clenching his fists, appearing that he was going to strike the officer.

At this time, the officer advised Beckles that he was under arrest for defiant trespass, but Beckles continued to resist by refusing to be handcuffed.

With the assistance of other officers, he was brought to the ground but Beckles turned over onto his chest and concealed his hands underneath his body. Officers then deployed a small burst of pepper spray in an effort to prevent Beckles from continuing to resist.

Beckles then stood up but went back to the ground, again laying on his hands. Officers were able to use minimal force and various compliance holds to cease Beckles’ behavior and place him into handcuffs.

As a result, two officers were injured during the incident, though Beckles was not, authorities said.

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