Police: 7 rowdy bar patrons fight each other, then cops, during ‘melee’ in Bayonne street


Seven rowdy bar patrons fought each other, then police officers, during a Bayonne street brawl outside of a bar early Easter morning, authorities said.

Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Jashawn Baker, 23, Sean Hill, Sr., 54, and Danil Sautkin, 32, all of Bayonne, along with Sean Hill, Jr., 33, and Dametri Hill, 24, and Sheila Hill, 32, of Jersey City, were all charged with resisting arrest, according to Police Capt. Eric Amato.

Additionally, Baker and all four Hills were charged with rioting, while Baker and Sheila Hill also accused of aggravated assault.

Furthermore, Victor Torres, Jr., 27, of Bayonne, was charged with failure to disperse, while Sautkin was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (cocaine) and failure to disperse.

Officers patrolling the area near The Refinery Tavern, located at 812 Broadway, around 12:47 a.m. yesterday observed a large unruly group in the area of 37th Street and Broadway.

As they attempted to disperse the crowd, the crowd proceeded to walk south on Broadway while continuing their “aggressive, loud, and tumultuous behavior,” Amato said.

As officers ordered them to cease their behavior and clear the area, the group disregarded the commands and began fighting each other. Officers intervened and were able to take Torres Jr. and Demetri Hill into custody.

During the arrest, Demetri Hill resisted by tensing up and refusing to be handcuffed.
After a brief struggle, he was secured in handcuffs and the officers began removing him and Torres from the area.

As police proceeded to remove the two, the remaining crowd continued to fight and push through the officers in an attempt to interfere with the arrest that had just taken place.

Once the two were safely secured in marked patrol vehicles, the officers continued their efforts to disperse the crowd and stop the fight.

While doing so, their commands were ignored and a woman, later identified as Sheila Hill, continued her tumultuous behavior by pushing past several other women before Sean Hill, Sr. was able to grab hold of her.

They both continued to scream at the officers involved and ignored commands to cease their disorderly behavior. Officers then attempted to place Sean Hill, Sr. under arrest, but were interrupted by Sean Hill Jr., who had pushed through the crowd.

Officers were able to place Sean Hill, Sr. into handcuffs after he resisted. As officers attempted to take Sheila Hill into custody, she resisted and fought the officers while also refusing to be handcuffed. Once she was in handcuffs, she kicked an officer in the thigh.

During this time, Sean Hill, Jr. continued fighting with officers while attempting to get
to his father. Now, while officers attempted to place Sean Hill, Jr. under arrest, the large crowd formed around the officers as they continued fighting with him.

As officers were able to grab hold of Hill, Jr., Baker intervened and pushed the arresting officers from behind, causing them to fall to the ground with Hill, Jr. While on the ground, officers were able to place Hill Jr. into handcuffs after he resisted arrest by tensing up.

Officers then turned their attention to Baker and took him into custody after he resisted arrest by tensing up his arms. Once the arrestees were removed from the area, officers again addressed the crowd and ordered the remaining individuals to disperse.

Refusing to comply was a man, later identified as Sautkin, who was also taken into custody. Records show that Sautkin’s record was expunged on March 25th, 2022.

The search incident to his arrest led to the recovery of cocaine from his person. One officer reported a minor injury to his leg sustained “during the melee,” police said.


Editor’s note: This story was updated to reflect that Danil Sautkin’s record was expunged about a year later.

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