Police: 41-year-old Bayonne man accused of recording girl while she showered


A 41-year-old Bayonne man is accused of recording an underage girl with his cell phone camera while she was showering in her home, police said. Bayonne police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Ruben Arana Altimarano, 41, of Bayonne, was charged with invasion of privacy and peering into a dwelling, according to Police Capt. Janine Foy.

On Wednesday, July 27 around 9:34 p.m., Altimarano allegedly looked through the bathroom window of an Avenue A home while an underage girl was in the shower, her mother told authorities.

The mother also accused the man of video taping her daughter with his cell phone, though no such video existed when police confiscated the phone, officials said.

Police added that further investigation into the cell phone will be conducted.


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  1. ^^^Of course the stupid media always follows along. People make up anything to make a good man look bad. Nobody knows what really happened but they sure like to gossip and ruin people’s integrity. Get a life of your own and stop worrying about other people.

          • Because no one’s ever deleted anything on their cell phone before. Aside from that, it says accused, don’t get what all the fuss is about.

        • Why is questioning dumb press article repeating incoherent police story, a hate? We have bill of rights for a reason. After all, they call themselves law enforcement. Where is basic law here? Is that too much to ask?

          Ever heard of 5 w’s? This article fails that standard. That’s all.

          • Come on, really? Bill of rights, basic law? Why does every crime story elicit such a negative reaction for you? These are usually pretty insignificant stories compared to the government and politics. And I’d beg to differ: Who: Altimirano. Where: Bayonne, Avenue A. What: Allegedly looking into a bathroom window while a girl is showering. When: July 27 around 9:34 p.m. Why: I’m not going to touch this one, I’ll leave that up to you guys.