Op-Ed: Republicans in Hudson County and across America stand with Israel


In an editorial, New Jersey State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein explains why he feels local and national Republican leaders are standing with Israel at this time.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo.

Currently Israel is under attack from a barrage of missiles being launched from Hamas-controlled Gaza and targeting millions of Israeli citizens, both Jews and Arabs.

The bombardment of the Jewish state, with over 3,000 missiles, has not targeted Israeli military troops or bases, nor has Hamas turned their crosshairs on Israeli government offices.

Rather Hamas, the armed Gaza wing of the Egyptian founded Muslim Brotherhood, has purposely and indiscriminately fired its vast cache of missiles at civilian targets forcing Israeli men, women, and children to run into bomb shelters at all times of the day and night.

Hamas, and those who encourage it, have also forced hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Gaza into harm’s way as human shields, as Israel seeks to destroy the missile launchers and military command posts Hamas stations in occupied residential and commercial buildings and neighborhoods.

Their goal, as has been clearly stated repeatedly by their spokespeople in Arabic, is to murder as many Jews as possible. If in the process they also murder Israeli or Gazan Arabs, that is a price they are willing to pay.

Apologists for Hamas terrorism have a plethora of excuses for Hamas’s latest (destined to fail) attempt at genocidal war crimes meant to ethnically cleanse Israel of Jews.

But the true motivation of those “protesting” on behalf of Hamas, and against Israel for defending itself, is as clear as their methods of “protests” is peaceful and civil.

From the anti-Israel protestors who assaulted a Jewish man in NYC for daring to wear a covid facemask with the Israeli flag on it, to the ‘mostly peaceful protestors’ who drove
through a heavily Jewish neighborhood in London yelling “F*** the Jews, rape their daughters,” the pro-Hamas terrorism supporters want one thing – the destruction of the Jews.

From the Jews and others peacefully rallying to support Israel who were beaten and had stones thrown at them by Hamas supporters in Canada to the May 12 pro-Hamas rally at which US Congressional Representative Rashida Tlaib, a prominent Democrat, spoke at a rally in which numerous chants were made for Israel’s destruction – the issue for Hamas and those “protesting” on their behalf is clear – they want Israel’s destruction and the destruction of anyone who believes in coexistence with Israel.

Republicans understand Israel is a bastion of freedom in a sea of tyranny and that Gazan’s living under Hamas are suffocating under the heal of its brutal totalitarian boot even more than the millions of Israelis it is now targeting with thousands of missiles.

Republicans in Hudson County and across the nation will always stand with Israel because of shared values.

But they also stand against the naked anti- Semitism and irrational hatred of the Jewish state empowered by the Democrat-media industrial complex and in “protests” which are targeting Jews around the world with genocidal threats and actual physical assaults.

The question for everyone else in Hudson County, and indeed the nation is, where do
the Democrats stand?

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein
New Jersey GOP Committeeman

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