North Bergen Public Schools launch ‘Realtime’ app to track students grades, absences, events


The North Bergen Public Schools have launched a “Realtime” phone app that will allow parents to track their students grades, absences, events and more.

Photo courtesy of the North Bergen Public Schools.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We have been making strides to improve our online presence and digital communication within the department,” North Bergen Superintendent of Schools Dr. George Solter said in a statement.

“All schools have their own social media accounts and websites with teacher pages that include their picture and contact information. This is another step towards our goal of transparency and open communication.”

The app launched this summer for all North Bergen school and the student’s ID number will be required for signing up.

Another unique feature of the app is that parents can communicate directly with their student’s teacher if there is a disciplinary problem at school.

“It is great to see what the North Bergen school district has been doing to become more accessible to parents,” said Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco. “It is important for us to adapt with the times and we are at the forefront with digital communication. I think parents and students can both benefit from using the new app thanks to it’s simple interface.”

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