Nonprofit group applauds Acebo as interim NJCU pres., calls for more state funding


The Boys to Leaders Foundation is applauding Andrés Acebo as New Jersey City University’s interim president, calling on the state for more funding to help the institution thrive.

Interim New Jersey City University President Andres Acebo. Photo courtesy of NJCU.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As an organization committed to being a leadership pipeline for the next generation, it is imperative to support NJCU in order to continue serving underprivileged communities,” said President and Founder of Boys to Leaders Foundation Sara Peña.

“Mr. Acebo is a proud first-generation college graduate, who shares a similar story with the students he now serves. Andrés and I personally understand how significant it is for first-generation families to have access to affordable, quality education which allows them to break generational barriers and make meaningful contributions to society.”

The Boys to Leaders Foundation is a 501c3 organization whose mission is to empower, motivate and inspire young men by providing leadership training, educational programs, and positive personal and professional development, according to their website.

They are also “respectfully calling on our state leaders to prioritize and allocate state funding for NJCU, which would secure its long-standing and impactful presence in our communities. We wholeheartedly support Andrés Acebo because he represents our story.”

A former NJCU Executive Vice President and University Counsel, Acebo was named interim president in January, replacing Jason Kroll, who took over following the departure of Dr. Sue Henderson.

A report by the Office of the New Jersey Comptroller released earlier this month noted that former administrators “likely violated federal law” by considering using $14 million in COVID-19 relief funds to cover the costs of a scholarship program, blaming most of their financial shortcomings on Henderson.

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