Newark BRICK Academy Schools CEO withdraws from Jersey City BOE race


Newark BRICK Academy Schools CEO Dominique Lee has withdrawn from the Jersey City Board of Education race this morning, the candidate confirmed with Hudson County View this morning.

Dominique Lee. Facebook photo.
Dominique Lee. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Lee said in an email that he is planning “to focus on some work and personal priorities” instead of running for a board seat, specifically noting that the BRICK academy is launching “family college” this fall.

“Family College is a free, exciting 9-week Saturday series of parenting education classes for expecting moms and dads, as well as parents and caregivers of children ages 0-3. I look forward to continuing to the supporting the children and families of Jersey City,” Lee added.

Early on in the election season, whispers said that Lee may end up running on a ticket with former Parents for Progress operation Matt Schapiro.

However, those rumors ended up being unfounded as the Jersey City United team of Schapiro, Luis Felipe Fernandez and Asmaa Abdalla was announced yesterday.

Last week, Education Matters team member Sudhan Thomas blasted “reform candidates funded by Wall Street,” accusing Lee of now trying to privatize Jersey City public schools.

Lee said today that Thomas’ commentary had nothing to do with him pulling out of the election, adding that “his remarks were very disturbing and creates an unhealthy environment were true dialogue about what families and children needs can not be held.”

The county clerk’s office did not immediately clarify if any other candidates had dropped out of the Jersey City BOE race. Dejon Morris and Jose Vazquez withdrew their candidacy last month.

Assuming Lee is the only one, there are now 10 candidates seeking three, three-year terms on the board and Election Day is November 8.

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