Neighboring communities aid West New York in battling five-alarm fire


A five-alarm fire at 234 51st St. in West New York last night, that continued to burn into the early hours of this morning, was significant enough to warrant help from first responders from Weehawken, Fairview and Jersey City, among others.


According to law enforcement sources, the West New York Police Department was able to evacuate the building before the fire began to spread rapidly around 11 p.m. and North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue began fighting the blaze.

As of about 5 a.m. this morning, there were fortunately no injuries reported from the blaze and officials said at least a dozen residents were transported just a few blocks away to the Hudson Hall Community Center (6018 Hudson Ave). North Bergen OEM also helped relocate residents that needed a place to stay.

The Weehawken Volunteer First Aid Squad, Jersey City Fire Department, Fairview EMS, paramedics from the Jersey City Medical Center and the Jersey City Office of Emergency Management’s Mass Care Shelter were just a few ways neighboring municipalities were lending a hand to the massive fire.

West New York Mayor Felix Roque, Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner and West New York Commissioner Count Wiley were all on the scene late last night trying to assist residents.

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  1. I’m sorry but is the reporter aware that West New York does not have a fire dept? North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue has been fighting fires in WNY, Weehawken, Guttenberg, Union City and North Bergen since January 1999.
    Great job by the members of NHRF&R!!!