NB resident says he was threatened over campaign sign, Sacco camp refutes claim


A North Bergen resident says a committeeman threatened him, and called the police on him, for refusing to put a Mayor Nick Sacco re-election campaign sign in his apartment, but a Sacco campaign spokesman says the police were called after the man continually ripped down signs after a landlord gave them permission.


Carlos Louis Martinez, who lives on Union Turnpike, insisted that Committeeman John Bender threatened him after he refused to allow a Sacco re-election sign to be placed in his home.

Martinez said Bender claimed to have gotten verbal consent to put the sign up via his landlord, but found that hard to believe since he never posted a political sign in the seven years that he has lived there.

Martinez also admitted that the police did show up at this home while he was in the shower and his wife choose not to answer the door for the police after Bender made them feel “scared, uncomfortable and insecure.”

Juan “JP” Escobar, a Sacco campaign spokesman, said Martinez isn’t a registered voter, nor does he own the Union Turnpike property in question.

Furthermore, Escobar said this was an isolated incident and he has not heard of similar complaints from residents during this election season.

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  1. This nothing new. John bender has done this before with Sacco camp. Finally someone had the guts to stand up for themselves. That is their tactics to scared people. This person is the first one to stand up, and sure won’t be the last one.

  2. John Bender Is A Nasty Man Hey John You Do Nothing But Gossip All Day All The Arab Parents Hate You, You Go out of your way to pick on them, and it’s more then one parent that has said it but you go through the Muslim aide that works there you make her talk to the parents we already have confirmation and a recording !!!

  3. i had a child attend Fulton school Mr Bender you are the nastiest person out there shame on the mayor and board secretary for keeping you around!!! Are you allowed to give money to girls I’ve seen you on Broadway giving money to kids!! Half the staff hates your guts

  4. I work with mr Bender and find him to be a great person. In all the yrs I’m here he’s always treated us Arabs with respect. I think you should do your homework before commenting n stop using fake name.

  5. I am a teacher at Robert Fulton School. I also work with John Bender. He is very respectful towards me. I am a Muslim woman and he always shows me nothing but kindness and respect. People really need to stop spreading lies!!!

  6. Find a new spokesman.

    What does Martinez not being a registered voter have to do with this story? If this is a 1 family home that is being rented by Martinez then he has the right to quiet enjoyment and possession of the property (which is not the same as ownership). Both bender and the landlord cannot infringe on his right to refuse political propaganda from being placed on the property that he pays for on a monthly basis.

    I thought sacco’s people were smarter than this pile of nonsense.

  7. I remember the same intimidation by sacco himself last election. Only difference is i was questioned about the signs i had for the opposing party. Hate politics and puppets like JUANITO “Just Puppet” Escobar who is a sell out to his community.

  8. Everyone commenting for john is fake I would put anything on it he told them too!!! Any parents have a problem with mr bender should call the school DO NOT BE AFRAID and as for the teacher commenting Do u know we’ve spoken to parents so ur statement is a lie

  9. Its crazy how almost everyone who has a town job is related in some way shape or form. mom, dad daughters brothers sister. inlaws, cousins..I cant stand any of them. MILKING THIS SYSTEM FOR DAYS. ALL THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS SUCK!!!! I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE SACCO SIT DOWN AND EAT A LUNCH AT NBHS!!! WOULD LOVE IT!!! Glad i took my child OUT! I really tried to once be a Sacco Supporter .. his people just coming and hanging the sign on my fence.. until i realized i had NO chance… I remember when i tried to get a town job i was asked to not only work 2-3 elections for free and walk around as well. SO I DID.. worked 2 more elections and got paid… still waiting for a job. One day they call me into the housing office for an interview ( last minute ) so I quickly prep – dress professional and get my resume printed. Arrive at the interview – Ask for the office manager – After almost 40 minutes of waiting they tell me.. OHHH IM SO SORRY but she just left bc she had a funeral???? WHATTTTT!!! i have been sitting here.. I did not see anyone come in or out of the building!?! NO call back to apologize.. no even reschedule my appt? LIKE REALLY! Karma is a B*^$# thats why one by one they will GO DOWN!

  10. Spreading lies? The only lies here are the Ines by swibinskis press releases !!! How are they still in power hoooowww.

    The people of north Bergen are like hypnotizrd brainwashed cult …..

    They need to throw these “committee people” and the poll workers in jail.

  11. I’ve known Mr. Bender for several years and he is an extremely respectful and kindhearted individual. It’s a shame that many of you would try to denigrate his reputation. Mr. Bender has shown unwavering support whenever his friends are in need. John is a hard worker and cares about his community and the people. Try getting to know him!

  12. I thank you for the kind words. This is political. They can say what they want.i know the boundaries and have 2 kids of my own. I watch over these kids like there my own. It’s a shame no 1 has the balls to sign there real name.

  13. Those writing for john is a joke!!! He’s telling people to write for him that’s ok Johnny boy every dog has his day!!!! All will be revealed we already have a few parents lined up

  14. John Bender is a fraud! A liar! He will hurt anyone he thinks is against him. A dangerous individual… And wasn’t Sandra Ramirez, the suspended worker from the health dept. his committeewoman? Doesn’t he also hold multiple positions or “titles”?