LETTER: ‘War on law enforcement’ being waged by Democrats who want to hinder ICE


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Republican Committee Secretary Joshua Einstein says that a “war on law enforcement” is being waged by Democrats who want to hinder U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Dear Editor,

The War on Law Enforcement being waged by (soon to be a former Senator) Menendez, local politicians attempting to score cheap political points by engaging in virtue signaling, and alt-left extremist protestors is not a movement indigenous to the normal New Jersey policy discourse, our statewide politics, or even the state Democratic party.

Rather, the immoral hyperbole and demonizing hatred of law enforcement that is the current political climate in Hudson County and to a lesser, but still significant extent, in Bergen and Essex Counties is being led by an extremist alt-left professional protestor named Reverend Seth Kaper-Dale and the NJ Green Party, from which he hails.

Kaper-Dale, his Green Party friends, and his base of radical extremists have been making the news as the anti-law enforcement protestors at Freeholder (the county level legislature) and other government office meetings since 2011.

The noxious protests contain accusations by Kaper-Dale himself and others that our police and corrections officers are targeting “brown and black bodies,” that law enforcement is
“carrying out racial and ethnic cleansing,” that law enforcement has broken into homes “without a warrant” where they “ransacked and vandalized” in a “coordinated attack for intimidation,” and that our law enforcement is a combination NAZI camp guards and fugitive slave hunters.

Indeed, the Green Party, from which Kaper-Dale hails, states in their 2018 manifesto that “law enforcement agencies intimidate lawful protesters with brutality, surveillance, repression and retaliation” (page 13), alleges that our law enforcement holds people as “political prisoners” (page 19), and states that our present-day police and corrections officers have “become a successor to Jim Crow” (page 38).

Recently, Kaper-Dale’s unhappy band of extremists made up half of the protestors at the September 6th Hudson County Democratic Organization Gala featuring Menendez (the other half being those protesting Menendez for his lack of ethics).

He, the Green Party, and their fellow travelers have been demanding that our county law enforcement stop facilitating the detention of criminals who happen to be illegal aliens.

Earlier that day, County Executive Tom DeGise managed to issue his personal surrender
to Kaper-Dale while also passing the buck to the Freeholder Board.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who understandably boycotted the celebration of Menendez, used the alt-left protesters as his excuse but misidentified them in his tweet as “DEM activists protesting outside this event tonight,” stating that he “would feel like a hypocrite myself as the base of the party will be outside protesting.”

Yet many hope Kaper-Dale, the most recent Green Party candidate for NJ governor, is not what the NJ Democratic Party will become, as he has attempted to inflame the public against law enforcement officers and rational discussion of immigration and foreign policy.

Indeed, he is so extreme that in a2014 open letter he authored to tyrannical ISIS leader, Al-Baghdadi (who he refers to deferentially as Caliph), Kaper-Dale states “I write to you today because of love, I also need to communicate an apology, have been a horribly abusive nation” and much more.

That Kaper-Dale infantilizes a tyrannical dictator then engaged in genocide against the Yazidi people, is as morally repugnant as the notion he implies that ISIS (and by extension other terrorist movements) do not have the agency to make decisions for themselves but are just a mere reaction to alleged bad deeds Kaper-Dale has mentally convicted America of.

From his 2015 TV appearance on prison reform in which he compared administrative segregation in prisons to physical torture, his love letter to genocidal terrorists, accusations that law enforcement break into people’s homes, statements that bi-partisan policies implemented since the 90’s are suddenly now “ethnic cleansing,” despite the fact that the country has gotten more diverse (and that no ethnic group has been targeted), are demonstrative proof of just how extreme and deluded Kaper-Dale is.

Indeed, coupled with his recent past selection as the standard bearer for the NJ Green Party which believes we are living in a continuation of Jim Crow, it is no surprise he is leading the unhappy band of alt-left extremists yelling and screaming that law enforcement officers are racists and Nazis.

Kaper-Dale is thankfully far outside the mainstream of both the nation and NJ.

Most Americans and New Jerseyans understand we can and should have the difficult conversation about deporting illegal aliens who have committed additional crimes, how to legalize the status of those who haven’t, and how to protect our nation and our values without resorting to comparing our law enforcement officers to the German National Socialists who committed the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, as it stands currently, Menendez, House of Representative member Albio Sires, as well as a plethora of local county and municipal officials are turning their back on our protectors in blue and gray and endorsing destructive fringe politics.

They refuse to refute the anti-police slurs from alt-left professional protesters and they
now state how much they were against common sense policies they were for from the 1990’s until just now.

The questions for those elected officials letting extremists like Kaper-Dale set their agenda is: how far down the rabbit hole of hate are they willing to follow him?

They have acquiesced to his demonization of police, they said nothing when he downplayed the Holocaust by comparing detaining illegal aliens with criminal records to genocide; when will they say enough? When will they stop this war on cops?

Joshua Einstein

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  1. Quite a long winded diatribe. Given all the baggage Menendez actually has only a complete idiot would think trying to tie Senator Menendez to a Green Party guy no one has heard of is an effective political strategy. I know good help is hard to find but this is truly pathetic. Is this the same guy who ran for city council in Hoboken and finished last? Politics doesn’t really seem like his forte.