LETTER: Vote yes: North Bergen School Realignment is a win for our kids!


In a letter to the editor, HudPost publisher and North Bergen resident James de los Santos says to vote yes for the school funding and reorganization referendum on December 11th. 

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Dear Editor,

Sometimes good policy is good politics, and that’s definitely the case with North Bergen’s School Realignment Plan – which voters have an opportunity to approve by voting YES on December 11th, 2018 in a special School Referendum.

As our neighboring municipalities – like Union City and West New York – have seen new state-of-the-art school facilities rise from the ground to serve their children, North Bergen has struggled to follow suit.

The main reason for that is because North Bergen is not an “Abbott” District under New Jersey’s education laws. Thus we’re forced to pay for our school construction, unlike those other municipalities that have that taken care of by the Schools Development Authority.

Forget about the fact North Bergen has been inadequately funded by the state for nearly a decade.

It is no secret that our high school suffers from severe overcrowding. The structure of the high school was only meant to hold 1,800 student when it was built back in the 1960s.

What’s at stake for our kids with the school realignment plan is smaller class sizes, renovations to our existing high school, and purchasing the former High Tech High School. How much will it cost?

$34 million in long-term bonding for North Bergen property tax payers, but the bond payments will be paid by anticipated PILOT funds from developments under construction – which means NO TAX INCREASES are necessary for the school realignment plan.

As well, North Bergen will receive additional state education aid through the School Funding Reform Act.

I support voting YES on December 11th because not only do the numbers add up, but our children deserve the best we can provide as a community.

James de los Santos
HudPost publisher/North Bergen resident

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  1. NB is not an Abbott district because Corrupt Sacco would have to give up control of how the school hires employees, their salaries and certifications and open its books to the state. The Money Laundering operation he runs through the school, that NBC is starting to expose will all crumble on him. Jersey City, WNY & UC received over $600 Million from Abbott funds to construct their schools without a dime coming from taxpayers. This $60Million burden Sacco wants to force down the throats of residents is to be paid for by tax payers, yet the town says it will cost $0 to the taxpayers. All lies. No open meetings on this, the vote should have been during the midterm election, but he is sneaking it in so only his payroll will come out and vote. Why else would he give the teachers a 1/2 day on the 11th when polls open from 2-8pm? Having the vote on Dec 11th will cost over $400,000 when it could have been included in the Nov election.

    Ramsey has a reconfiguration currently, after 18 public meeting to agree to a $40 million project, they have made the taxpayers aware that their taxes will increase in order to pay for this.

    On top of this all, This school will never be build. A few rooms will be renovated in that swap of an area and the rest will go to Corrupt Sacco and his bagmen. Remember this.

    All this and your for this corruption?

  2. James De Los Santos is a political Sacco puppet. His mother is a committe democratic Sacco controlledwoman in Ward 6 district 3.His also works for rent control in North Bergen’s town hall. This is not good politics. Taxes will go up.