LETTER: Vote for independents Stafford, Louhar in Jersey City BOE race


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Riaz Wahid says that voters should select independent board of education candidates Tara Stafford and Neisha Louhar on November 5th to help “balance the board.”

Dear Editor,

As the school board elections approach on November 5th, it is important that we plan how to best balance the board with some level of checks and balances in place.

I encourage voters to support independent candidates, Tara Stafford (1D) and Neisha Louhar (8D) whom I met recently. They are not backed by special interest groups.

They have a proper understanding of the education system, its strengths and shortcomings, both having been students of Jersey City public schools at McNair and Lincoln/Snyder.

Let us not repeat our past mistakes in electing trustees who resigned before fulfilling their term.

Instead, let us elect trustees who are truly committed and have better experience in the areas of youth mentorship and mental health/special education, like Ms. Stafford (1A) and Ms. Louhar (8D).

We need to elect board members whose interests are students, teachers, parents, and tax payers — not special interests groups.

More important, let us not give the control of the school board to special interest groups.

Your vote decides the future of our children, who are growing up in highly competitive settings.

Please elect the two independent voices and let us place some level of checks and balances in the school board:

Tara Stafford (1D) & Neisha Louhar (8D).

Riaz Wahid
Jersey City resident

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