LETTER: Team Bhalla is the best choice to lead Hoboken forward for the next four years


In a letter to the editor, Brian and Alyse Battaglia explain why the feel Team Bhalla is the best choice to lead Hoboken forward for the next four years.

Photo courtesy of Brian and Alyse Battaglia.

Dear Editor,

Alyse and I are very happy to be voting again to re-elect our friends Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle, and to elect for the first time, Joe Quintero to the City Council.

Four years ago, our family supported Councilman Ravi Bhalla for Mayor and Jim and Emily for Council. Four years later, we can say without any hesitation that they have made Hoboken incredibly proud.

When we look back at the pandemic years from now, we’ll be able to say that Mayor Bhalla, with the steadfast support of Jim and Emily, saved lives with early and decisive action.

As a former business owner, I know how incredibly difficult it must have been for our local establishments to survive during an unprecedented time.

Mayor Bhalla, with the backing of Jim and Emily on the council, led Hoboken to become one of the first cities to establish streateries and parklets, to provide free COVID-19 testing for all Hoboken business employees, and to create summer and open streets to facilitate more business for our commercial corridors.

As our leaders in government, Ravi, Jim, and Emily made sure our businesses stayed in business and kept Hoboken safe so residents didn’t have to flee the city.

Joe Quintero wasn’t serving on the Council during the pandemic, but he was serving as an elected member of the Hoboken Democratic Committee for the past four years.

Joe is someone who put his heart and soul into driving civic participation through voter registration drives, recruiting members to volunteer on campaigns to elect principled public servants, and more.

Knowing Joe’s motivation for getting involved and his experience as the bilingual son of immigrants, he will work tirelessly to help provide representation to minority communities in our city who often feel underrepresented.

As we move forward, one of the critical issues that Hoboken faces is combating climate change and limiting the damage caused by more severe storms. My family knows what it is to face damage from flooding as so many did from Tropical Storm Ida.

We suffered substantial loss when our store, Battaglia’s Home, was flooded during Superstorm Sandy.

Team Bhalla is committed to implementing Hoboken’s $230 million Rebuild by Design project, creating resiliency parks, and more flood infrastructure projects to help protect and adapt against more severe storms.

There is no more important issue for Hoboken in a post-pandemic world, and I have no doubt the mayor’s team will continue to prioritize resiliency efforts going forward, much like they have the past four years.

Above all, we know Ravi, Jim, Joe, and Emily personally. They are dedicated and down-to-earth, driven and personable, and know how to put politics aside to better our city. There are no better individuals that I trust to lead Hoboken forward for another four years.


Brian & Alyse Battaglia
Hoboken residents

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  1. No thanks. After Ravi tried to put a fine on people for not wearing a useless facemask outside among his other craven actions, absolutely not. No reward for Ravi Terror Flier Inc. either.

    • The problem is actually that I have so much proof that Ravi made the flier that I’m having a hard time deciding what to bring to the police station when I file charges. That’s the only hold-up. Otherwise he’d be in prison now along with everyone else I don’t like. Everyone I don’t like is a paid operative or getting rich from big pharma. I have proof for that too. I never just say stuff for affect.

      Don’t forget to watch my pro January 6th videos and send money to my paypal account to thank me!


      • Hey Nancy, still stuck on the same failure. There’s plenty of proof and many people have evidence. Wasn’t Ravi’s first rodeo either. Ask him. Go look your boss in the eye and ask him.

        Now, let’s look at how some of your earlier lies to the public worked out:

        and of course this one where Nancy denied being a paid political operative for Ravi Bhalla and was exposed for just that:


        • You got nothin’. You keep saying you do, but you never produce it. You never bring your evidence to the cops, or state investigators. Why is that? Why don’t you do Hoboken a huge favor and end the Ravi regime once and for all by bringing your evidence forward? Do it! What’s the matter, scared?

          It’s because you got nothin’. There is none. You’re just a blowhard.

        • Law enforcement has nothing? Who is your LE source?
          Plenty of people have plenty!!

          Let’s help you out. Which of Ravi’s PAC pals underwrote the Terror Flier? Take a guess. Go on. I dare you.

          I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

          Turn over Hoboken to these criminals with comrade Russo?

          HELL NO!

          • So why hasn’t “law enforcement” done anything? Why haven’t “plenty of people” done anything with the “plenty” of evidence they have?

            Just answer the question: why not? Tell us.

            One more time, since you’re a little slow: JUST. ANSWER. THE. QUESTION.

          • Horse suffers from TFED (Terror Flyer Evidence Disfunction), an embarrassing ailment also known to afflict keyboard warriors who also believe The Big Lie, Pizzagate, and that we are ruled by liberal billionaire lizard people. No matter how much evidence he has, he’s just not able to get it up…to date for the police.

            No known cure, and even if there was one, he’d reject it as an evil Big Pharma plot hatched by Bill Gates and George Soros.

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  2. It’s pretty obvious that the Fisher/Fallick/Brennan team are tied to right wing Trump supporter Roman. They must like the support or they should have denounced his troubling posts and online behavior by now.
    Also troubling is they hid this pact from Paul Presinzano who is the only sane candidate that’s running off the Mayor’s slate.
    So many important discussions are being overshadowed by that psychotic blogger who really should be watched closely.