LETTER: Please vote for my friend Marla Decker in the Hoboken 2nd Ward council race


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Sara Cohen explains why she is voting for Marla Decker in the 2nd Ward council race and others should do the same.

Hoboken 2nd Ward council candidate Marla Decker Instagram photo.

Dear Editor and Hoboken 2nd Ward residents,

My name is Sarah Cohen, and I’m a friend of Marla Decker, who is running in the 2nd Ward for city council. I personally know Marla because our sons attended Wallace Elementary together.

Marla quickly went from being a “mom friend” to a real friend because she’s an incredible and empathic person. Anytime my son visits Marla’s home, he is welcomed with open arms.

He never slept over a friend’s home before and at age ten he stayed over at Marla’s and she made him feel welcomed.

Marla is a great fit to be our city council member and she truly cares about the residents in our 2nd Ward, especially our children. She always shows up for every school event and is committed to public safety.

She is a member of Moms Demand Action and has earned a Gun Sense Candidate distinction.

Marla cares about the future of our ward and will support public recreational and cultural programming for our children to use for years to come.

I live in the 2nd Ward in the Hudson Tea building. I know how much our neighborhood means to Marla.

Please join me in voting for Marla Decker for City Council in the 2nd Ward on Tuesday,
November 7th.

For more information on Marla, you can visit her website at


Sarah Cohen
Hoboken resident

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  1. Perhaps someone should tell Sara that Marla is running for City council and not to head the PTA bake sale? Nothing here explains why Marla deserves a vote other than that she is ostensibly nice.

    • I just read this letter and had the same reaction, “It’s a council seat not a bake sale”. We need more from our City Council members than a warm hug and a sleepover. Tiffanie has worked tirelessly for the 2nd Ward and should be re-elected in November.

  2. A North Bergen Legend!

    Marla “Decker” Smith received his nickname in 1990 during his sophomore year at North Bergen High during varsity football tryouts, He made the squad and was quickly converted from left guard to middle linebacker, shedding 58 pounds in the process by consuming nothing but papadam, mango lassis, and human emotion for 6 weeks straight.

    It was at North Bergen where “the Decker” recorded a school record of 481 tackles for loss – a record that still stands today and along with his clarinet playing earned him a partial scholarship to Oberlin College. At Oberlin, he traded football and sadly music for his academics focusing on his gender studies, reverse racism, and virtue signaling – all three of which eventually earned the Decker a third-class ticket on the Bhalla Bus to Nowhere.

    Although not an attorney unlike everyone else in Bhalla’s “Ravi For Congress, Screw Hoboken” ticket especially little Ms. Tearful, Lauren “Barbie” Meyers, and no one else on or running for City Council, Marla can still go toe-to-toe with Russo, grow a beard fuller than Phil Cohen’s back hair, and bench press 275lbs.

    Above all, Marla “Decker” Smith will rubber stamp Ravi, propagate victimhood, and advocate for Satish Poondi / Ravi Bhalla planter 2017 racial fliers and now the death threat “justice.”

    After all, this election is the most important election ever: Bob Menendez’s friend Ravinder Bhalla deserves to be in Congress because people hate him. Let’s vote to help the Decker send Ravi to Washington just after selling his Garden Street townhome just after John Natasi completes his Ravi “Ethics? What Ethics?” Bhalla addition.