LETTER: ‘Kids First’ Hoboken BOE slate is the best choice for school board, ex-councilman says


The “Kids First” Hoboken Board of Education slate is the best choice for school board next month, explains former 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Dear Editor,

Dear friends and neighbors,

As we ready ourselves for the upcoming elections across the country, I am pleased to see that we can expect strong civic engagement from the national level to the local level.

While national politics is important, I strongly believe that local government and selecting our local officials/leadership should be guided by local issues.

I think it’s great (and that we are lucky) for us to have Hudson County local elections be non-partisan. It is not like that statewide among all other counties in NJ and most of the country.

As I normally like to do, I’ll focus on the upcoming school board elections, since at the local level, it’s all we have in Hoboken this year that’s non-partisan!

It is important to remind Hoboken residents that when on the City Council, I fought the fight for good government which was rooted in transparency, integrity, practicality, and fairness.

While I have enjoyed my time away from local government, I have watched and witnessed with disbelief what transpired with the school board’s referendum earlier this year (with certain city council members as an accomplice), and I am truly disappointed.

It’s outrageous that a council member would go on record to support suppressing this project and not engage community involvement – particularly before city wide council and BOE elections.

These are tactics of Hoboken’s dark past to be arrogant, and secretly deliberate.

Fortunately, the broad Hoboken community overwhelmingly rejected this project.

Let’s harness that energy to bring change with healthy debate and transparency back to the BOE for all residents and children of Hoboken.

To help make that happen, I am supporting Pavel Sokolov (6), Cindy Wiegand (7) and Donna Magen (8), the Kids First slate. This team was instrumental in galvanizing the community in stopping the 330mil BOE referendum.

They fought for voter enfranchisement, ethical government, and ensuring that our entire community could make an informed decision, hallmarks of good Democratic principles. Many residents in Hoboken were threatened with displacement, loss of life savings, and instability in their lives due to the BOE’s attempt to railroad a middle of the winter vote with no debate or discussion.

This was a vanity project that tried to brush the real academic challenges under the rug and disregarded the needs and concerns of Hoboken’s students that needed the most support.

The Kids First team has a vision of partnership with the residents of Hoboken, and moreover the State.

They understand the practical and respectful financial realities that our residents are facing and will ensure we are always looking for ways to improve educational excellence by putting Kids First.

Here’s a link to their website with their visions and bios. I encourage you to learn more about them, as well as all other candidates too, to make a more informed decision.

As always, share with your neighbors and friends, and let me know if you have any additional questions.


Peter Cunningham
Hoboken resident and former 5th Ward councilman

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  1. Has anyone asked Peter and his wife where they were on January 6, 2021?

    Because current betting odds have them at the US Capitol trying to overturn an election, so of course he is supporting MAGA PAVEL and his band of anti-vaxxers.

    • It’s enjoyable seeing how the leadership that lies slate go further and further down their own delusions. We know where everyone was on Jan 25, voting down the BoE and their corruption.

    • Dont attack Peter, while Ravi’s poster gal and LTL’s big supporter Amy Faucher ( who ran a sham endorsement process for MDA is secretly a member of a VERY Republican Yacht/ Country Club in Ocean County?

    • No but really….

      Does anyone know if Jen Cunningham has been indicted yet? She is the MAGA-Loving, Kavanaugh-stroking, insurrectionist who loves Putin-Pavel and his gang of anti-vaxxers

    • https://www.fec.gov/.

      The Cunningham household gave generously to Traitor Trump. Take a look on the FEC site. Peter is too wimpy to put his name on the Trumpy donations. Do they admit that Biden won? Doubt it.

      Peter never gave a rat’s patoot about Hoboken’s public schools, neither does Pavel. He’s in it to climb another rung in NJ GOP politics. MAGAts stick together!

      • Isn’t the kf slate supported by some of the most progressive dems in town? It’s a weird narrative you’re crafting when long time dems and tenants rights advocates would support the one R running over. Probably everyone’s tired of the same political clique running the show that keeps trying to find different ways to defraud our town.

  2. But you folks knock Peter, while Emily and her side kick Amy are faux Dems… Just ask Amy about her Yacht Republican Club where she loves Republican friends

  3. Peter,

    Thank you for standing up to Emily Jabbour and her army of minions like Bethlehem Gregory and Janie Mylan who support Leadership That Listens To Themselves. They are out there claiming to be all self-righteous and progressive when they are just a bunch of limousine liberals that want to improve test scores by having more rich students in the schools.

  4. HBOE tactics of secretive back room plotting and arrogance are unfortunately not in the so distant past.

    Fool me once shame them. Fool me twice shame on me.

    I and many others will be voting the KIDS FIRST ticket because all the residents need to have all the facts be part of any decision that will obligated to pay for with their tax money.

  5. Leadership that Listens is supported and run by vile, all elite entitled whites who are trying to infiltrate the Housing Authority with their little brats at events meant for kids in Public Housing

    They must know they are losing or else their campaign Spokeswoman Bethlehem Gregory wouldn’t be stalking Paval like a little 12 year old crush

  6. Just last week you were all aghast at nasty comments towards a public figure and his wife.
    But here you guys are attacking Peters wife


  7. In fact people like Peter came to her defense when Roberts and Russo supporters on the BOE attacked her for breast feeding at the BOWE meetings
    That wasn’t in 1950
    It was less than 18 years ago

    LTL Bhalla are nothing more than hypocrites hiding their true selves
    They just want to white wash the district

  8. Under LTL their vicious unhappy leader Melania Cadarmatori called the police on a family with a language barrier and implied child abuse on a call to the HPD

    LTL BOE trustees are not only criticizing a council woman’s reproductive choices, they’re practicall breaking into homes of people they don’t like

    They never care about the HHA -unless it’s to take their kids to mama Johnson field for free egg hunts and pumpkin painting

    Let’s see what happens if kids from the HHA come down Melanias block on Halloween?
    Will they open the door?

  9. STOP ! Do we really want to start attacking peoples spouses ?
    Next thing you know people will be openly questioning the actions and political agenda of Bindya Bhalla.