LETTER: Join Jersey City parents, students and teachers in march to save our schools


In a letter to the editor, McNair Academic High School alumnus Jai Patel is calling on Jersey City parents, students and teachers to join in a march to save the public schools.

Photo courtesy of Jai Patel.

Dear Editor,

As an alumnus of McNair Academic High School and a former student within the Jersey City Public Schools System, I was absolutely appalled by the news that over 300 Teachers were being axed due to budgetary confines.

Among the 300 were teachers who had taught me, and who had become my friends when I graduated in 2018.

After hearing this news, I immediately reached out to my former teachers and various students currently enrolled in the JCPS System.

I was very happy to see students already putting together ideas to organize a protest in support of our teachers, and was happy to see that Teachers were also ready to fight.

On May 22nd, students, teachers, and parents will march together to help Save Our Schools. Regardless of who’s to blame for the layoffs, jobs are still being lost. Families are being directly impacted and class sizes in the JCPS will grow.

Right now, it is of utmost importance that the City Council share the PILOT Funding to save our beloved Alma Maters.

If a developer is choosing to develop in Jersey City, they absolutely must invest and have a stake in Jersey City Public Schools, or they can leave.

I hope you will join me to Save Our Schools.

Jai Patel


Editor’s note: The rally will begin at Porta around 4:45 p.m. tomorrow and the march will proceed to City Hall with hopes that many in attendance will stay for the Jersey City Council meeting at 6 p.m.

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