LETTER: Jersey City students enrolled in AEP programs should receive busing


In a letter to the editor, Rekha Nandwani, a Jersey City parent, says that students enrolled in advanced enrichment programs should receive busing from the school district.

Rekha Nandwani. Facebook photo.
Rekha Nandwani. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor

I write this letter not only as a parent but a concerned resident of Jersey City. We know that Jersey city has AEP (Advanced Enrichment programs) in a few choice schools and those lucky enough to get selected have to travel far from their home schools to this new school.

The JCBOE places students every year at MS4 and Academy One if you live in the heights section like most of my constituents and neighbors do then good luck trying to find any direct form of public transportation.

As a result, two-income households often cut back work hours, let the admission go or have one parent stay home for the better future of their child.

It is mind boggling why the Jersey City Board of Education does not provide school bus so that these very bright and talented children can have safe transportation to the school.

If they claim it to be a budgetary issue, why not implement subscription busing? Which would charge parents so that they can have their children ( most ages between 10 and 11 years old) access to a school bus that would drop them back and forth?

We find nothing else but cut school bus services for our brightest children making the commute to their schools even more challenging? Especially when there is no direct mode of public transportation?

Why does the district not implement AEP programs in all middle schools so that children have better access to these programs and then don’t need a school bus to transport

Handing out NJ transit tickets with no direct bus route and requiring two buses to be switched is not advisable for our middle school children aged 10 and 11 years approximately. Also it is not safe. A school bus would be a much better option.

So many questions with no actions from JCBOE and its members.


Rekha Nandwani
Steering Committee Member-NJ State Democratic Committee’s-South Asian American Caucus
President-Jefferson Ave Block Association
Democratic Committee Representative Ward C-1

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