LETTER: I want to initiate a convo with both Jersey City BOE factions, councilman says


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City Councilman-at-Large Daniel Rivera explains why he wants to initiate a conversation with both board of education factions.

As a born and raised Councilman of Jersey City, and more importantly, as a staunch supporter of Public Education, I am troubled by the events that unfolded during last week’s Jersey City Board of Education meeting.

My concerns transcend my role as a councilman; they extend to my responsibilities as a grandfather invested in the future of our community.

In the wake of what transpired, I am compelled to take action. In the coming days, I intend to reach out to all parties involved in the opposing factions of the board of education.

My goal is to initiate a dialogue aimed at tempering the rhetoric and public bashing that has marred recent interactions.

Several years ago, I advocated for a higher standard of respect and decorum from the dais, urging our former council president to uphold the dignity and integrity of our offices.

I firmly believe that the members of the board of education must now heed the same call and establish a mutual accord amongst themselves.

Education is the cornerstone of our community, and it is incumbent upon all stakeholders to prioritize constructive dialogue and collaboration.

As councilman, and as a concerned grandfather of grandchildren in the public school system, I remain committed to fostering an environment where the best interests of our students and educators are paramount.

Together, we must strive for a culture of respect, cooperation, and civility within the Jersey City Board of Education, ensuring that our actions reflect the values and aspirations of our community.

Daniel Rivera
Jersey City councilman-at-large

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