LETTER: ‘I have concerns where the direction of the Jersey City BOE is heading’


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Michael Devito explains why he has concerns about the board of education after last week’s chaotic meeting.

Screenshot via YouTube.

Dear Editor,

As a taxpayer, I have concerns where the direction of the Jersey City Board of Education is heading. After last week’s appalling meeting, I noticed former Governor Jim McGreevey posted online about a community town hall on education.

Odd timing, I wondered if the two had any relation.

I did some research of my own, I discovered that Younas Barkouch, board trustee and coup mastermind is an aide for recently elected state senator, Raj Mukherji. Senator Mukherji is good friends with Senator Brian Stack.

Let’s not forget the $10,000 donation Raj gave to Jim McGreevey’s mayoral campaign. So my question is this: does Senator Mukherji support this type of behavior or does he not have control over his staff?

This behavior is unsettling because as a retired teacher, I remember what former Senate President Stephen Sweeney did with Chapter 78 health care reform and how it hurt teachers; who was by Jim McGreevey’s side when he announced his mayoral candidacy?

That’s right, Stephen Sweeney.

Now, let’s look at Dejon Morris, who’s Union President is Joe Cossolini, who endorsed Jim McGreevey. If Mr. Morris feels that diversity is needed for outside counsel, how come he has not invited other law firms to interview with a board committee?

To me, this looks like a well orchestrated ploy in House of Cards. It’s a shame to see the students being used as chess pieces in a political agenda.

Michael Devito
Jersey City resident

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