LETTER: ‘I am confident that the Kids First team is in total support of public education’


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Rebecca Cohen explains why “I am confident that the Kids First team is in total support of public education.”

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Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my support for the Kids First team for the upcoming election of the Hoboken Board of Education. I have lived in Hoboken for almost 30 years, a lifelong democrat, and I am a public school teacher in Union County.

My mother worked in the public schools, and I was raised to believe that public education should be supported at all costs. I have never voted down a school budget in my many years of voting and have the utmost support for public school teachers and staff.

However, the recent referendum to build a multimillion dollar high school for a population of about 400 students was over the top, and did not seem to be using the funds in a way that was best for the education and academic growth of the students.

For this reason I cannot support any board members who were in favor of the proposed high school.

I am confident that the Kids First team is in total support of public education and wants to solve the issues facing the future of Hoboken schools.

I believe they will have greater impact by creating a collaborative environment with educational stakeholders throughout the city.

I am voting for Kids First because they will recommend change and improvement by focusing on learning and educational outcomes while also being mindful of the tax burden being placed on the residents.

Between the three candidates they have five children and enroll their kids in both the district and charter schools, which provides a good perspective on where we can better collaborate across the schools.

It is time we bring in the entirety of the Hoboken community to support our kids and ensure that every child is receiving the very best education that we can provide.

It is time for a change at the board of education and we need some fresh ideas as to the best way to move forward. The silos created across our schools are not what is best for our community and our children.

I am in support of the Kids First slate and believe they will bring unity and progress to our community and school system.


Rebecca Cohen
Hoboken resident

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    • Is it a surprise to anyone that Ravi’s best boy and cheerleader Phil Cohen wife would be asked to send out a recommendation to their BOE ticket that would help him maintain the current power status quo ?

  1. Rebecca,

    Thank you for your letter, it is nice to know that public school teachers in Hoboken can see how bad this school board is. The high school proposal was a giveaway to rich parents, not something that would have benefitted the low-income students.

  2. If they hid the facts and lied to you about their $300,000,000 sports center/HS and the huge tax increase it would put on the backs of Hoboken taxpayers do you trust them to be honest and truthful moving forward ?
    If there had been just one Board member who had questioned the sketchy tactics of Christine Johnson and not just followed in lockstep Hoboken voters would not have had to rise up and knock down her bloated project.

    Like two thirds of Hoboken did I voted NO. I will be voting for real positive change this time around and NOT maintaing the present status quo.