LETTER: Hudson County Commissioner Aponte-Lipski deserves to be re-elected


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Joan Koehler gives her take on why Hudson County Commissioner Yraida Aponte-Lipski (D-4) deserves to be re-elected.

Hudson County Commissioner Yraida Aponte-Lipski (D-4). Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong ​Jersey City​ite​, I​ have observed a myriad of political campaigns in our thriving, beautiful city.

I connected with Commissioner Aponte-Lipski, a few years back at the “Stop the Chop” meeting she initiated, opposing the helicopters flying across the Heights and Downtown. Since then, I have attended many events and meetings in which she participated. I find her

to be a person of action, empathetic, experienced, hard working and straight shooting. A genuinely good, human being.

T​hese are a few reasons ​why I am ​supporting​ Commissioner Yraida Aponte-Lipski. During her time as county commissioner, Yraida has:

• Never missed a caucus or commissioner’s meeting;
• Held town hall meetings and sent newsletters;
• Worked hard to keep county taxes stable (stablest amongst city and school board);
• Advocated for protected bike lanes and increased traffic safety;
• Pushed for Liberty State Park’s Protection Act;
• Opposed spending 11 billion dollars to expand the New Jersey Turnpike’s ramp into the Holland Tunnel;
• Refused every pay raise and county car.

It’s clear she puts the taxpayer’s needs first.

If reelected, I know Yraida will continue working to protect taxpayers. She understands that if we can eliminate wasteful spending it will enable our county to address challenges in transportation, housing, and safety without having to raise taxes.

Over the next three years, I am confident Yraida will build on her record of success and continue working to protect taxpayers. Please ​support her for County Commissioner.

Thank You,

Joan Koehler
Jersey City resident

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