LETTER: Hoboken fortunate that ‘disgraced’ Carmelo Garcia out of office, local GOP says


In a letter to the editor, the Hoboken chapter of the Republican party says they are grateful that “disgraced Hudson County politico” Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia (D-33) is leaving office. Hoboken Republicans

An Open Letter to Our Neighbors and Friends:

This Thursday, disgraced Hudson County politico, Carmelo Garcia, will hold his farewell party at the Hoboken Elks Club. His departure from state and local politics should come as a great relief to tax payers and proponents of open and honest government.

But before Mr. Garcia is officially off the state payroll, we’d like to highlight some of his actions over the past couple of years so that the voting public can have a closer look at the type of “public servant” he really was.

In 2014, Mr. Garcia was removed as director of the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA), which set the tone for the next year and a half. As HHA Director, he approved millions of dollars in no bid contracts to agency vendors, resulting in hefty pay outs for Mr. Garcia.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a zero dollar threshold on the HHA, meaning it had to approve every service contract procured by the HHA. As a result, Mr. Garcia was scrapped from the 2015 Assembly ticket.

Because Mr. Garcia either has no shame, or simply couldn’t help himself, he decided his next best move would be to challenge Councilwoman Jen Giattino for her 6th ward council seat.

Even though he had already been told he would not be on the Assembly ticket, Mr. Garcia began raising money for his “Assembly Primary Election”, which he illegally used to fund his city council campaign.

Although he has not filed campaign finance reports for his failed city council run (another violation of campaign election law), his Assembly disclosure forms clearly state that he used money from his Assembly account to fund municipal campaign activities.

Additionally, Mr. Garcia used taxpayer money to fund his failed campaign by using his state franking privileges to communicate exclusively with constituents of Hoboken’s sixth ward.

We could go on further about his secret tapings of former Senator Bernie Kenny, or his intimidation tactics in the 4th ward, or his numerous lawsuits against the city which he “represented”, but for now, we are just thankful that this will all, hopefully, be put to rest.

It is our hope that the Assembly ticket expungement, and nearly 20 point loss to Councilwoman Giattino, will teach Mr. Garcia a lesson that Hoboken voters are tired of the dishonest and illegal politics of the past, and that the only way we can move our city forward is without politicians like him.


The Hoboken Republican Party

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  1. From a party head that evades the police under a DUI and has open warrants. Nice! Let us wait to see how the cards play the admin’s discrimination and Grossbard’s interference in admin is the disgrace. The degree of hatred and discrimination in this town is only diminished by the media spin!

    • “a party head that evades the police under a DUI and has open warrants” – Those are serious charges Mel B. Who are you referring to? Those sound like serious crimes that you are accusing someone of

      Are you sure you are accurate? You make a lot of claims on here that are usually wrong. May want to tread carefully in such a litigious world

  2. And there she is yet again, assassinating everyone’s character. But god forbid anyone produce EVIDENCE of what a crook Garcia is.

    Enjoy the buffet tonight at the big party for the King Carmelo Ms. B.