LETTER: ‘Change for Children’ team is the best choice for the Jersey City BOE


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City parent Christine Sanchez says the “Change for Children” team is the best choice for the school board, stating they are the best choices to bring decorum back to the board of education.

“Change for Children” candidates Asheenia Johnson, Noemi Velasquez and Alexander Hamilton.

Dear Editor,

As a wife, mother and grandmother in Jersey City, I have voted in every Board of Education election over the past decade or more.

Over the past several years, I have seen the school board meetings become very dysfunctional with lengthy “closed sessions” at both caucus and regular meetings – preventing the public from knowing what they are doing behind closed doors.

This is shameful and all parents should be insulted by closed door sessions. Also, I am both embarrassed and disappointed to have to listen to the outbursts and ramblings of the current Board members around issues that have nothing to do with children or classroom instruction.

I have watched the entire Board vote on the hiring/firing/rehiring of individuals to/from key positions that affect students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

I have heard complaints of overspending on the part of the previous administration when, in reality, the Board members themselves continue to cost the District large sums of money due to their ethics charges and actions that have brought a multitude of law suits that will need to be settled with monies that will be taken from the students.

This behavior is unprofessional and the fact that this is happening in Jersey City is shameful. How can we be a great city and offer every student a great education with Board members who conduct themselves in a manner that has no regard for what is right.

As a long time union supporter, I am baffled as to how the JCEA can continue to support the seated board members who are running for re-election.

This is why I am supporting the “Change for Children” team. The slate is composed of various individuals who have worked in the Jersey City School District; have children of their own with special needs; and, are invested in the communities in which they live.

They will focus on what is best for all children particularly, those with special needs. If anytime the children, parents and teachers need your vote, it is now, we need CHANGE.

I encourage everyone to vote on November 5, 2019 for the “CHANGE FOR CHILDREN” team.

Christine Sanchez
Jersey City parent

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