Kearny 3rd Ward Councilman Renato da Silva announces he will seek re-election


Kearny 3rd Ward Councilman Renato da Silva, who was appointed in December, has announced he will seek re-election in the June 4th Democratic primary.

Kearny 3rd Ward Councilman Renato da Silva. Photo courtesy of da Silva.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Since assuming the 3rd Ward council seat upon Mayor Doyle’s election, it has been my privilege to serve the residents of the 3rd Ward and the Town of Kearny. The opportunity to actively participate in the issues and policies that affect the citizens of our town is a tremendous responsibility,” da Silva said in a statement.

“I am dedicated to the full and independent transparency that is the foundation of successful Democratic governance. For these reasons that I am announcing my candidacy for election as 3rd Ward Council.”

da Silva further described himself as a longtime Kearny resident who graduated from the local high school in 1988, an active member of the Arlington Players Club, and a former board of education candidate.

He was appointed by a vote of 5-3 in December, after 2nd Ward Councilman Rich Konopka moved the resolution and 3rd Ward Councilwoman Eileen Eckel seconded it.

Doyle, who council seat was being filled, 1st Ward Councilwoman Marytrine De Castro, and 4th Ward Councilman Gerald Ficeto voted no.

He already has one declared opponent in Fred Esteves, who Doyle had nominated for the seat, but his nomination failed by the inverse tally that saw da Silva appointed.
Esteves is the brother-in-law of longtime mayor and now Hudson County Superior Court Judge Al Santos and has previously served as the vice chair of the Kearny Democratic Committee and also on the town’s zoning board of adjustment.

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