Journal Square Community Association elects Tom Zuppa to serve as president


The Journal Square Community Association has elected Tom Zuppa to serve as president, with the leadership team rounded out with Sumit Galhotra as the vice president, Jovina Johnson as the secretary and Mia Scanga as treasurer.

New Journal Square Community Association President Tom Zuppa.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Johnson served as president last year, when Zuppa was the vice president, Galhotra was a trustee, and Scanga was still the treasurer.

“Journal Square is undergoing a significant transition and we support its return to being the heart and soul of Jersey City’s arts and culture community, and a thriving commercial business district,” Zuppa said in a statement.

“During this growth, we will give a voice to every member of the Journal Square community from those who are longtime residents to those who moved here more recently, are looking to set down roots, and make this neighborhood home. Everyone deserves to have a Journal Square that is affordable, clean, green, and safe.”

Additionally, the board of trustees for 2023 will be Dario Gutierrez, Chris Lamm, Leticia Villalon-Soler, Adam Cohen, and Amanda Ackerman.

Membership to the JSQCA is open to all residents of Jersey City who can learn more about the organization and volunteer opportunities here.

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