Hundreds come out to see ‘Hell on Earth’ at The Jersey Devil film premiere in JC


The independent film, The Jersey Devil – sponsored by Jersey City International Television and Film Festival – had its world premiere on September 24, 2014 in Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater alongside a red carpet appearance of the director, producers, and cast/crew members.

The Jersey Devil

By Katherine Guest/Hudson County View

The Jersey Devil is a comedy produced by Pride Productions, Green Light Films, and Diamond Jesus Productions, based in numerous Jersey City locations such as: City Hall, New Jersey City’s University, Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater, and the Brightside Tavern.

“Jersey City opened their gates to us and gave us the run of the mayor’s office, college campuses, and the streets. I can’t wait to do another one; I can’t wait to see what we spent all winter making,” said Stephen Fontana, cast member who played Advocate Judas.

The motion picture shortly began with the opening line “Welcome to Hell” by James Burnett (Keith Collins), Lucifer’s replacement whose headquarters was filmed in Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s office.

After Burnett’s new idea of relocating and revitalizing Hell, Lucifer (Jack Mulcahy), his wife Eve (Rosie Gunther), and Advocate Judas (Fontana) visit New Jersey to scheme against Burnett, Advocate Richard Cooper played by Edvin Ortega, and Tori LaSalle peformed by Penelope Lagos.

Mulcahy spoke about older films that inspired his character as Lucifer:

“Lucifer [has] been played so many different times, with so many different characters, so I had to find a unique way to play him so I figured I would dress like Al Pacino in “Devil’s Advocate” while acting like Judge Smails in “Caddyshack” cause this Lucifer is a bit of a bafoon with a good sense to know that hell should not be moved from Hell to Jersey City – it’s just wrong.”

Mulcahy explained how Director Joe Pepitone and his brother Billy Pepitone, Screen Writer, had the idea of The Jersey Devil since the production of “Stuck in the Middle,” a 2011 comedy film located in Purgatory.

“I believe that Joe Pepitone, the writer and director, and his brother Billy Pepitone, who wrote this script, had this idea bubbling in their heads for a couple of years because we had just done a film called “Stuck in the Middle,” which was based in purgatory and now we go to Hell so you could probably bet the next feature is going to be in heaven to complete the trilogy,” said Mulcahy.

The heaven film was said to be in the works.

Jersey City’s new construction and its unfinished projects which are underlined in a conversation between Burnett, Cooper, and LaSalle when one of their missions of the new Hell is to build an eight-story complex without a finished product.

The documentarian crew, film editor Anthony Trombetta, and Executive Producer and actor John Camera, grasped the growth and authenticity behind the production.

“I came on as a documantarian with Anthony Trombetta and Alexander Roldan then ended up becoming a third string camera man – they had the A Team, the B Team, and the C Team and we did the four scenes where Lucifer is learning about the new Hell. The film producers and directors threw us in the fire to learn scripts and locations. It was a great opportunity, “said Anthony Clemente.


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