Jersey City NAACP Pres. Braker not convinced Oren Dabney forced out of JCIA


When asked about longtime Jersey City Incinerator Authority CEO Oren Dabney’s recent departure from the agency, Jersey City NAACP President William Braker wasn’t convinced Dabney was forced to leave against his will. 


Responding to a question from a fellow member of the Jersey City NAACP, Braker said the group should typically shy away from getting involved in the city’s political issues, but added that he did not believe anyone from the JCIA would lose their jobs if the agency becomes a part of the DPW.

“We have to be very, very careful about getting involved in political matters. But, it is my understanding that … they’re (the City of Jersey City) is looking for permission from the state to take over the Jersey City Incinerator Authority and incorporate it into the Department of Public Works,” Braker said at Tuesday’s meeting of the Jersey City NAACP.

“I must assume that that would be a general transfer and all the men who were working for the incinerator authority will simply be working for the Department of Public Works.”

The Jersey City Council tabled a measure to absorb the JCIA into the city’s DPW earlier this month, citing the fact that the state’s Local Finance Board first needs to sign off on the matter.

After explaining that Oren Dabeny retired on August 6, which the board accepted at a tumultuous meeting two weeks ago, one resident insisted Dabney was “forced out” of the agency.

“You know, if you’re going to make an accusation like that, you need to be able to prove it, if that’s just something you heard …” Braker said, though the member of the public cut him off by claiming she heard such a statement from Oren Dabney himself.

“He should’ve came here, and spoke to us as proof, if that was the case,” Braker responded.

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  1. I find it funny Braker would say the organization doesn’t get into political matters, when all he’s done since being president is try to continously stay politically relevant. He does such a disservice to the members of this organization .
    Yes i am a card carrying member