Jersey City COVID-19 relief programs ‘won’t discriminate based on immigration status’


Jersey City COVID-19 relief programs “won’t discriminate based on immigration status,” nor will they require background checks, according to Mayor Steven Fulop.

Photo via Expedia.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As we set up our local relief programs our only criteria is based on who lives in #JerseyCity,” the mayor tweeted yesterday.

“We won’t discriminate based on immigration status, we won’t ask backgrounds, we’re not interested in past legal issues – if u need help + you’re in our city, then our mission is to help.”

Jersey City publicly announced they had started a local COVID-19 relief fund on April 10th, where they also revealed they had already gotten halfway to their three million dollar goal.

Then last week, Ward E Councilman James Solomon called for the effort to “dedicate significant resources” to protect low-income renters, regardless of immigration status, by providing rent relief.

Specifically, he asked for families that earn less than 50 percent of the average median income – who were left out of the federal stimulus bill – to merit top consideration.

Other programs launched in Jersey City to help alleviate the financial burdens caused by the coronavirus pandemic include having rent freezes in rent-controlled buildings and supporting small business by providing a 100 percent match on state grants.

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