Jersey City community leader dies after long bout with cancer, GoFundMe raises $21k


Natasha Arbelo, a former president of the Friends of Ferris Triangle Park, died after a long bout with cancer earlier this month and a GoFundMe page for the family has raised $21,265 thus far.

Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As a longtime friend of Brett Miller, her partner, I am asking for anyone who has benefitted from the unwavering spirit of Natasha to help donate to her hospice, cremation costs, and family debt for when the inevitable comes,” Kimberly Basil wrote in the GoFundMe page description.

“It has been an expensive fight with one income and taking time off to spend at doctors appointments, chemotherapy and surgeries … No one deserves to go through the loss of their best friend and no daughter, at any age, deserves to live their life without their mom. There is nothing in this world that can make this right, but I hope we can make it a little better.”

The page was started before Arbelo, 36, died from Stage IV leiomyosarcoma on July 6th. She was diagnosed with the rare, chemo-resistant form of cancer back in March 2021.

About four months after her diagnosis and while she was still president of the community org, the city completed a $500,000 upgrade of Ferris Triangle Park that include an ADA compliant playground and a splash pad.

“A pillar in her neighborhood, she was President of Friends of Ferris Triangle Park, spending countless hours making the park presentable and overseeing several fun community events in the park. She brought neighbors closer together and created a safe place for children,” Basil also wrote.

“As a mother, partner and fundamentally altruistic person, Natasha did not want to burden anyone with her illness. She is not leaving behind the legacy of a cancer patient, but of someone who did the right thing for those around her.”

Arbelo is survived by her partner, Brett, her children, Tyler and Helena, her sisters, Nathaly and Valerie, her brother, Christian, and her parents, Carlos and Josie.

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