Jersey City celebrates Veterans Day with ‘Parade of Veterans and Heroes’


Chants of “USA!” and Journey’s hit single “Don’t Stop Believing” filled Jersey City’s streets as thousands of residents celebrated the “Parade of Veterans and Heroes” yesterday.


Thousands of people waved American flags and showed their support for our war heroes, one being Frank Golon, Sr.: one of the last living World War II survivors.

Golon spoke openly about his appreciation for a Veteran’s Day parade since he says he’s only witnessed patriotism on Memorial Day and 4th of July.

Uniformed veterans, students, community groups, and city officials marched along Newark Avenue.

After the procession, which began on the Newark Avenue side of Dickinson High School and ended at City Hall, Golon had a personal book signing.

The book, titled Johnny Romanek: The Start of an Era, A Story on War, Family and Securing Workers’ Rights is a fictional narrative based remotely on Golon’s personal experience in the workforce.

Golon told Hudson County View about his presidency at the Ford Assembly Plants calling it a “nonpaying job, but a prestigious job.” He held that position for 10 years.

“While I was there I told them that I would write a book all of what [the plants] stood for and it’s not a documentary, it’s a regular fiction story. I spent about five, four years writing it with one of those typewriters and ended up with about 1,300 pages,” said Golon.

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