Jersey City Apartment Owners Association recognizes 4 at inaugural awards ceremony


The Jersey City Apartment Owners Association recognized four at their inaugural awards ceremony at the Sophia Rooftop last week for what they deemed “multifamily excellence” in the city.

From left to right: Panepinto Properties General Counsel Gordon N. Gemma, Panepinto Properties Director of Leasing, Marketing, & Public Relations Daniel Reiser, Panepinto Properties consultant Joe Rodrigues, Jersey City Apartment Owners Association Executive Director Wendy Paul, Panepinto Global President Joseph A. Panepinto, Jr. Photo courtesy of the JCAOA.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Those honored were Cara Squared LLC President Eugene O’Connell, Veris Residential Executive Vice President and COO Anna Malhari, Hudson County Building & Construction Trades Council President Pat Kelleher, and Panepinto Properties President and CEO Joseph A. Panepinto, Sr.

“As one of the fastest growing cities in America, housing is a keystone to enabling Jersey City to reach its fullest potential”, JCAOA Board President Jeremy Farrell said in a statement.

“This growth has led to unprecedented demand for housing that is only going to become greater as we look to the future. The event represents the first time that we are recognizing contributions from people that have helped to meet the tremendous housing demands of Jersey City.”

O’Connell, also an attorney and developer, received his award for contributions in the affordable housing sector.

“I am honored to be recognized, along with my team, for excellence in affordable housing and for creating a clearer path to home ownership in Jersey City. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live in a place that is aesthetically beautiful, structurally sound and affordable,” O’Connell stated.

“Our structures are designed and created by award winning architects and reputable contractors. Our developments contribute to neighborhood beautification, create jobs and generate positive impacts. They also put land back on city, state, and federal tax rolls. We invest in community and hope.”

Malhari received the sustainability award, Kelleher received the building trades award, and Panepinto received the philanthropy award.

Panepinto sits on the St. Peter’s University Board of Trustees and a 285-bed dormitory on Montgomery Street was recently renamed Panepinto Hall.

“As a native of Jersey City it has long been my aim to help in the revitalization of this city,” he said.

“Some of the most important parts of our community are its charitable and nonprofit institutions. Education is certainly a very important one. Therefore, by supporting Saint Peter’s we are supporting the future growth of our community.”

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