JCBOE candidate Gina Verdibello talks facilities, union contracts, charter schools


Jersey City Board of Education candidate Gina Verdibello sat down with Hudson County View to discuss her candidacy, facilities issues, union contracts, and charter schools.

Verdibello started the interview by talking a little bit about herself and why she’s running.

Facilities is one of Verdibello’s biggest issues in regards to the current board and administration, and her plan as a board member would be to create a mobile app for people to report problems with any Jersey City Public School facility.

In addition, Verdibello discussed why she decided to boycott the I Love Jersey City Public Schools Back to School Festival.

Due to her strong support of traditional public schools, and being part of a ticket that at times has showed hostility towards charter schools, I asked why Charter School parents should feel comfortable electing her to the board.

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