In the midst of brutal battle for mayor, Romano speaks to jiu-jitsu students


In the midst of one of the bloodiest political battles of his career, Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) dropped into a local Brazilian jiu-jitsu school to speak to students and wish the head instructor good luck on his upcoming headlining UFC fight. Sponsored Content.


“That’s [Jersey City Heights] booming now too. For example, there’s a place on Ogden and Griffith [Streets], up in the Heights, there’s an apartment for rent: $12,000 a month,” Romano began, noting the home had a stainless steel pool, cabana and hot tub.

“One-family house, overlooking the New York skyline. The property’s expensive, so we have to find a way to keep people like David [Branch] from leaving his business and leaving town. There’s so many vacant storefronts on Washington Street, nobody wants to lose David.”

Branch, the no. 9 ranked middleweight fighter in the world, opened David Branch Jiu-Jitsu, located at 720 Monroe St., early this year.

A two-division champ in World Series of Fighting, the highly touted Renzo Gracie black belt will main event UFC Fight Night 116 against former UFC middleweight titleholder Luke Rockhold (ranked no. 3) on Saturday.

Based on his remarks last night, Romano sounded confident that Branch would pull off the upset in front of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania crowd.

“Not that he needs any of us, but it’s sure as hell nice to motivate and support this gentleman everywhere we can. Because not only does he represent jiu-jitsu, be he represents a way of life,” Romano exclaimed.

“But he represents a way of living that’s important to all of us: dignity, class, respect, the Seven Virtues of Bushido, and he represents Hoboken because he has his business here. You can represent Bedsty too, but you’re part of Hoboken.”

Romano presented Branch with a county medallion as a token of good luck, later stating he was confident Branch had the look of a future UFC champion.

The freeholder could be envious of Branch’s position, given that he’s in the midst of his political life for the mayor’s seat in the Mile Square City.

He’s in a firefight with Council President Jen Giattino, 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla, business owner Karen Nason and activist Ronald Bautista.

He’s also likely to face a courtroom challenge to see if he can stay on the November 7th ballot twice.

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  1. Oh Romano the squatter in Marineview, is up in the Heights … he should stay there since he sat quiet while he and zimmer narrowed Observer Highway and coordinated increasing Hoboken taxes MORE THAN ANY OTHER TOWN IN THE COUNTY

    STICKING it TO HOBOKEN STICK Romano – when 3 jobs isn’t enough…

  2. Romano should use his Karate Chop on the county budget. Let’s start with his HUGE gas guzzling SUV with police sirens and red flashers he uses when he’s stuck in traffic on his way to pick up rent cheques at his market rate investment properties just around the corner from his 2 bedroom high rise apartment where he pays less than 1900 a month

  3. Hey, CutsribbonsnotTaxes, you sound like a bitter moron who bought into the Realtor induced hype about Hoboken and are angry with yourself for paying way too much to live here. If you look at municipal rent control laws, someone who has lived in a two bedroom apartment in this town for over 30 years should be paying somewhere between $1200 and $1600 factoring in inflation. If you’re paying more than that it is by choice. Don’t blame others for the bad choices you make in life. Hoboken is overpriced and it is because of idiots like you that greedy Realtors and developers laugh all the way to the bank.