Hudson County Sheriff’s Office sweep arrests 59, including one for criminal sexual contact


In their latest crime sweep, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office arrested 59 last month, including 29 for non-payment of child support and one for criminal sexual contact.

Photos courtesy of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office conducted an operation to take accused criminals off the streets, the February Sweep, the second sweep of 2020 by the agency led by Sheriff Frank Schillari.

This effort resulted in 59 arrests, which included 35 accused criminals and 29 for non-support, officials said.

Below is a list of the alleged criminals and the crimes for which they have been charged:

Fugitive from justice

Sharbell Azouki, 41, of Bronx, NY – wanted out of Florida state


Theresa Campbell, 50, of Jersey City
Paris Paraskeva, 32, of Clifton
Khalil Servance, 39, of Jersey City
Nyjon Delbrey, 19, of Jersey City
Chris Costello, 27, of Paterson
Akeem Williamson, 28, of Jersey City
Harold Molloy, 39, of Jersey City
Luis Garcia, 48, of Jersey City
Issaiah Charles, 24, of Jersey City
Wellington Rodriguez, 21, of Jersey City
Quamaine Brunson, 23, of Jersey City
Charisse Fields, 33, of Jersey City
Jahlil Branch, 18, of East Orange

Unlawful possession of a weapon

Aliq Powers, 19, of Jersey City
Tiffany Felder, 33, of Jersey City


Marcus Williams, 34, of Jersey City
Michael Howley, 35, homeless
Laquan Borders, 31, of Bayonne
Rosa Belber, 32, of Bayonne
Alexander Amaral, 25, of New York

Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance

Rashawn Simmons, 32, of Jersey City
Candida Aguila, 44, of Jersey City
Tywaun Thomas, 36, of Jersey City
Damacio Ruis, 35, of Brooklyn, NY
Felix Marquez, 38, of Union City
Karl Ocasio, 32, of Paterson
Takey Goodwon, 44, of Middlesex

Contempt of Court/Violation of Probation

Gabriel Malave, 49, of Jersey City
Kaasim Charles, 26, of Bayonne
Desirie Zapata, 18, of Willingboro

Aggravated Assault

Hermas Flores, 29, of Union City
Wilbert Rodriguez, 39, of Mt. Kisco, NY

Criminal Sexual Contact

Calvion Shepherd, 33, of NY

2nd Violation of Driving while suspended

Jonathan Lojano, 28, of North Bergen


Hermas Flores, 29, of Union City, for $16,016
Randolph Evans, 45, of West Orange, for $12,525
Arrie Bachelor, 53, of Piscataway, for $2,023
Elkin Mina-Verbal, 33, of Roselle Park, for $15,658
Wilber Ruiz, 34, of Union City, for $7,366
Steven Rutzler, 45, of Kearny, for $81,927
Edward Rios, 25, of Bayonne, for $2,339
Jonathan Cordova, 32, of Kearny, for $4,397
Jairo Navas, 38, of North Bergen, for $10,542
Arsenio Mercado, 35, of Jersey City, for $27,732
Andrea White, 50, of Wayne, for $5,060
Macario Rivas, 37, of Fairview, for $1,641
Ladonte Darby, 19, of Jersey City, for $1,520
Christopher Rogers, 36, of Bayonne, for $1,236
Tyrone Reynolds, 36, of Colonia, for $2,218
James Chambers, 57, of Cinnaminson, for $19,808
Erick Rojas, 35, of Jersey City, for $3,014
Carlos Majano, 31, of West New York, for $5,219
Raheem Gadsden, 38, of Jersey City, for $14,486
Roderick Atkins, 41, of Jersey City, for $12,536
Eduardo Hernandez, 25, of North Bergen, for $3,486
Peter Adams, 54, of Jersey City, for $58,699
Oscar Canales, 43, of Union City, for $24,366
Jose Batista, 50, of Allentown, for $1,119

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