Hudson County Schools of Technology cuts ribbon on outdoor classroom food bus


The Hudson County Schools of Technology cut the ribbon on their outdoor classroom food bus last week at their Frank J. Gargiulo Campus in Secaucus.

Photo courtesy of the Hudson County Schools of Technology.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The Outdoor Classroom Food Bus is a shining example of how educational institutions can push boundaries to create impactful learning experiences,” Hudson County Executive Craig Guy, who was in attendance for the ribbon cutting, said in a statement.

“By bringing the classroom outdoors, HCST is fostering creativity and practical skills that will undoubtedly benefit the students and the community. I can’t wait to see this bus put into action at community events throughout our county to give these outstanding students the kind of real world experience that will translate to successful careers.”

The Outdoor Classroom Food Bus is designed to offer culinary students a comprehensive learning experience in culinary entrepreneurship.

The curriculum includes vital elements such as Safety and Sanitation, Equipment and Professional Kitchen Operations, Menu Planning and Development, Plating/Presentation, and Budgeting and Resource Allocation.

“With this outdoor mobile kitchen, we transcend traditional classroom boundaries, empowering our students to explore the culinary arts in real-world settings,” noted HCST Superintendent of Schools Amy Lin Rodriguez.

“The Outdoor Classroom Food Bus is a testament to our dedication to innovation, inspiration and hands-on learning, offering our students a unique opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful culinary pathways.”

Additionally, the food bus was built out of a district school bus that was scheduled to be decommissioned and discarded.

Instead, it was transformed into a state-of-the-art mobile kitchen complete with a grill, friers, refrigerator and freezer, ventilation systems, a mobile generator, LCD menu screen and a service window, as well as HCST branding.

District officials plan to utilize the bus in partnership with Hudson County at public events to provide hands-on experience for culinary students.

Mario Rodriguez, HCST Food Service Coordinator and integral member of the team overseeing the creation of the bus over the past two years, shared his insights as well.

“It has been a rewarding journey working on the development of the Outdoor Classroom Food Bus and I am very proud to see the culmination of two years of hard work,” he exclaimed.

“This project is not just about culinary skills; it’s about instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in our students, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive culinary industry.”

HCST officials also expressed enthusiasm that students would learn about safety and sanitation, equipment and professional kitchen operations, menu planning and development, plating and presentation, as well as budgeting and resource allocation.

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