Hudson County-run vaccination site in Kearny just shy of 13,000 shots administered


The Hudson County-run vaccination site at the USS Juneau Center in Kearny is just shy of 13,000 shots administered, with over 10,000 people receiving their first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

As of Friday, 1,634 individuals received their first dose of the vaccine while an additional 1,343 second doses were administered, with the county one again using all of the doses they received.

To date, 10,441 first doses have been administered and 2,544 individuals have been fully inoculated.

In an effort to continue urging residents to receive the COVID-19, Hudson County will also be launching an aggressive outreach and education plan to encourage residents to schedule an appointment as they become eligible.

“The Hudson County Vaccine Distribution Center is a well oiled machine providing, operating efficiently and effectively to inoculate as many individuals as vaccines received each week,” Hudson County Tom DeGise said in a statement.

“By working with the Hudson Regional Health Commission and our municipal partners we’ve made tremendous progress in building safer and healthier communities, but our work is far from over. Hudson County is committed to educating, informing and providing everyone with the resources necessary to know this vaccine is safe and saves lives.”

This week, the county-run site will be administering 500 first doses and 2,847 second doses.

The center remains open by appointment only and eligible individuals can make an appointment online by visiting