HUD’s ‘Housing America’ has led to 3,500 affordable housing units in Jersey City, officials say


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) “Housing America” initiative has led to 3,500 affordable units being built in Jersey City since joining the program in 2021, officials said.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Everyone deserves a safe, stable place to call home. Through House America, I’m proud to see that communities have stepped up to get people off the streets and into homes,” HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge said in a statement.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is deploying a Housing First approach, using American Rescue Plan funding and other resources to help individuals find a place to call home. We will continue to work to house America until we end homelessness as we know it.”

House America’s 105 communities received a boost of funding through the American Rescue Plan Act to expand permanent housing opportunities.

This included more than 20,000 Emergency Housing Vouchers and over $1.5 billion HOME-ARP from HUD, as well as over $65 billion in State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Additionally, this effort sparked renewed momentum and greater deployment of available resources, including CARES Act and annual appropriations, to create permanent housing solutions.

“Affordability has been my priority from the start, especially as Jersey City is experiencing an explosive renaissance like no other in the region, and the Housing America Program has helped build upon our efforts to ensure our neediest families and residents are afforded the quality housing they deserve, regardless of their income,” added Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.

The new 3,500 units have helped approximately 1,500 Jersey City families find a place to live.

Fudge created the national partnership to engage local, tribal, and state leaders across the country to set and achieve specific goals to rehouse people experiencing homelessness and create more permanent affordable and supportive housing.

She challenged state and local leaders to collectively place at least 100,000 households experiencing homelessness into permanent housing and add at least 20,000 new units of deeply affordable and supportive housing into their development pipelines by December 2022.

A fact sheet on House America’s progress is available here.

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  1. Soon to be occupied by the politically connected, not the people who most need it. We know Amy Deguise is one who took advantage of the system. I know of another, a felon, who’s aunt worked in the court system. He drives a Benz

  2. This is nice but the houses that are pictured here are located in a community that has been built since before 2000, it’s the old.Curries Woods known as the New Curries Woods where are the new unit daye 2021 or after