Hoboken Ward 6 Councilwoman Jen Giattino kicks off re-election campaign


As a grudge match with outgoing Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia (D-33) looms, Hoboken Ward 6 Councilwoman Jen Giattino formally kicked off her re-election campaign on Thursday night.


Held inside the Bloomfield Street home of Ruth Tyroler, the Hoboken Board of Education president, Noam Laden, a friend and supporter of Giattino who is a journalist in New York City, pointed to the councilwoman’s efforts during Hurricane Sandy as one of her biggest accomplishments.

He also was not impressed with the track record of Garcia (D-33), whom he referred to right off the bat as a “dope” and a “cheat.”

Giattino, who was first elected to the council in May 2011, admitted (without mentioning their names) that Garcia would likely be a tougher challenge than Angelo “Nino” Giacchi, adding that there are a number of long term projects in the 6th Ward she’d like to see through.

Garcia brushed off Laden’s criticisms, also mocking Giattino’s choice of venue.

“Congratulations to Mrs. Giattino on her kick-off announcement, even if it was behind closed doors and devoted more energy on attempting to bash me rather than explaining her support for higher taxes and her lack of accessibility to the 6th Ward,” he told Hudson County View in an email.

“My kick-off was open for all to attend, including some of Jen’s former supporters who showed up, and the response I have been receiving has been overwhelmingly positive. A majority of the 6th Warders that I have spoken to thus far haven’t seen or heard from their Councilperson for the past four years.”

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, District 33 Democratic Assembly nominee Annette Chaparro, Committeeman Phil Cohen and Board of Education Trustee Tom Kleupfel were a few of the officials who made an appearance.

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  1. Surprised at Jen for allowing that kind of nastiness, always thought she was above that, why was someone from Jersey City introducing her? Maybe thats why only 20 people attended her kick-off.

    • Says the so called candidate who does nothing but spread nastiness all over every comments section possible.

      How are those petitions going? Did you find 59 neighbors willing to even tolerate you for 2 seconds to sign a piece of paper?

      • get back we want to hear your thoughts after you view the Council meeting. You are spreading false info on petitions. I am likely the only candidate to dialog at length with eligible voters who don’t vote in their words because of the corruption. So get back after hearing the tape won’t you?

        • Can you promise Hoboken that you will get on the ballot and that you will participate in the debates? I think the whole town would benefit greatly from hearing your platform and what your work background is. Hey why don’t you tell us now. We are all listening here. Where do you work Miss “People’s Mandate”? What is your platform? After all if you truly are the “People’s Mandate” you should happily share here

  2. Specifically watch the video last winter where the city did not plow the streets or clean the walkways for over ten days and Giattino introduced a resolution that cars not moved would be ticketed $250.00. She jokes that she thinks that perhaps it s/b higher. I have pics w empty streets vacant and no plowing done for days on end. This resolution along w the Mayor’s appearance on ch12 TV saying how the admin did a great job was the only response for demands from residents to have the streets cleaned. The Mayor also refused to have the county do the work of street cleaning as they had done the previous year.

  3. How does getting water in your basement justify you completely gut renovating your house and adding an extra story to it? I heard they still have a finished basement. Also I heard she moved out of the ward for a year without getting permission from the city council and lived in a developer’s apartment. Is there any truth to that?

    • Wow I had never heard of Superstorm Sandy referred to as “getting water in your basement”, well played on trying to minimize it. Where should the family have lived after being flooded out by the storm? The front steps? Of course you are wrong on the length of time and location but I like how you try to drop in “Also I heard …….. lived in a developer’s apartment” to make things look nefarious

      Let me give you some advice, you should stick to policy and 6th ward issues. If we want to compare histories I think the someone you like would want to avoid going down that road. George Ortiz, pretending you are a Harvard graduate, recording colleagues with a wire, mysterious brownstone acquisitions, running the HHA into the ground with shady contracts, and the list goes on

      • that is right. He describes this program in his profile. It may be a certification but his profile did not have anything about a Harvard degree but this 18 mo program. Many universities call them certifications. Did you do the research or did you just jump to conclusions?

  4. there is only 1 lazy do-nothing candidate in the 6th ward, you like her cuz she’s entrenched yet a lightweight, exactly what zimmer wants to keep control…i applaud her for mopping up after hurrican sandy…but its disgusting that she profited off of the hurricane by using it as a reason to build a needless extra story on her house, meanwhile other residents can’t even extend anything on their homes, like the guy who spent $70,000 and got so disgusted with her and the administration he moved out. Good job, Jen, keep em movin’